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9/29/2005 c8 8Julie C. Lanister
Aw yay Lucia! I love sappy moments! Especially when it seems like they might have *nudgenudge* real life similarities *winkwink*. hahahaha. No, I love the story girly, keep up the magnificence! -kris
9/29/2005 c7 Julie C. Lanister
Woah Luc! Talk about a major plot twist! Way to go! And guess what? I actually did notice the chapter title change! I feel so smart. :D Well, most excellent job on this one, and keep it up!
9/9/2004 c7 aiur
i would so be traumatized, too, if that happened to me. i mean, i'd be a wreck. completely. ergh i don't wanna think about it. i'd like ... well whatever i'd do it wouldn't be pretty. i'd probably need more help than i do now, then. hehe. scary.
very nice chapter. i really enjoyed reading it. so short, though. think it's possible to pump out slightly longer ones? =) keep going!
9/6/2004 c7 5HappyGoLuckyGirl
I noticed! I was like, "Hey! It doesn't start with "Like the..."! Yay for me! I thought this was awesome ness! I can't believe Jody and Kat can't hook up because he's her brother! How rude! I told you Richie was icky! ICKY BOY! How dare he! *waiting8 *again*
9/6/2004 c6 HappyGoLuckyGirl
JODY! YAY! And icky boy, Richie... ew... This chapter was way short and just a little confusing but who cares! The sooner you got done with this one then the sooner we et a new one with more JODY! The HOTTEST person ever! Yay! *Waiting and tapping foot and waiting some more for next chapter*
9/6/2004 c6 8Julie C. Lanister
Holy shamoly! That ain't a chapter...it's a paragraph! Get to writing girly!
8/16/2004 c1 1rock 'n' roll junkie
I'm guessing you're a Christian? Me too! I love that song 'I Can Only Imagine'. It's so awesome. This is so cute. Jody seems funny, and I like Kat. Very likeable characters, keep it up!
8/9/2004 c5 5HappyGoLuckyGirl
Yay! A new chappie! I liked this one! But it was kind of shortish... I love you! Yay! Update soon!
8/9/2004 c5 8Julie C. Lanister
Ahh...yes...well...Kinda short and uneventful chapter. And again, I'm dumping the old story & starting again. I'm alot more organized with the new one though, because I have a story plan already written out for the first half of it. I'm hoping it'll help me get past chapter 3 for once... :) Can't wait for more of yours!
8/8/2004 c4 49SleepDontWeep
please dont say thats the end!I REALLY LOVED THIS! it was so different to everyone elses sterotypical teenage bux like my one AH im sterotypical AH let me burn AH im on fire! *jumps and starts rolling on the ground* anyways please continue! i feel so sorry for Kat! love u lots and tanx for ur review on dats not how it happened!
if u cud wud u review my other story: the ramblings of a supposed deranged lunatic! tanx :) much love xx
8/7/2004 c3 3Enchantressofthestars
WOW! You did a really good dance scene! I could so picture it in my head! It reminded me a lot of my school. Lucas is so cute! Sorry it's taken this long for me to read ur fic! I was on vacation and my family came the day after that. Talk about a busy summer! Well I must keep on reading!
8/5/2004 c4 aiur
hi i'm not signing in 'cause i have to jet. didn't i review the last chapter? i know i reviewed the last chapter. AH it ate my review again! omg ... have you ever had your review eaten? like, not just cut off, but totally eaten? i mean ... i guess it's probably my fault who knows what i did, but ARGH. anyways yes my mind's whirling a little fast today, so bear with me, heh. dewdrops, weather ... meh it works for me! i think you had a little grammar problem at the end of the first paragraph here, but it was minor. other than that, i enjoyed reading it. haha it's so like the guys to fall asleep during chick flicks, heh. it would be funny, actually, if everyone was sleeping and a guy was secretly watching it really avidly. or maybe that's just lame. heh. can't imagine any of the guys i know doing that =S anyways i'm sorry my review got - eaten, 'cause now i can't remember what i said in that. i am gonna smash this computer if it does it again, though. =D keep writing! and i just updated my fic, by the way. do you mind taking a look? =)
8/5/2004 c4 5HappyGoLuckyGirl
Yay! New chapter! Jody Jody Jody Jody... JODY! Yay! I love Jody! Kat and Jody sitting in a tree... Very good chapter! I there are no icky boys in it! I don't think I like the fact that I gave you a wonderful idea. I don't want anything wonderful to have to do with Richie. Post the next chp. please!
8/4/2004 c4 8Julie C. Lanister
Oo! A little bit of love action with Mel and Drew, eh? Can't wait for more!
8/4/2004 c4 3x-mimi-x
hey doodette!
this chapters really cool! i think kat is a bit of a bitch and mel is like one of those typical "like ew! scandalous" type girls! Lol
Keep at it, its great.
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