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for Myrmarch's Tail

12/19/2004 c2 Amora
Nice change. I think some of your punctuation needs to be changed, but that is my personal preference, maybe you were going for how it is. Very good description. More detailed. Great job.
12/18/2004 c9 Amora
HARK! I understand. Great battle scene, one of the better ones i have read. You know when you put in a chapter, it makes it so much easier to understand. Great job. I don't understand the significance of the flowers though. They are important cause you make them important, but I don't understand why. did i miss something in an earlier chapter? Great job, love always.
12/18/2004 c10 Amora
I is so late! But better late then nevr so u can't say nething. Good chapter. A little too much language for me, but its fine. You describe things...i dont know...a lot. I got kind of confused and didn't understand what was going on...but i believe its cause i haven't read it in a while, but it was a little confusing. Good job. Interesting way to write it.
11/10/2004 c9 Amora Elvenstar
Awesome job. I like how you put it after most of the story. I really like how you wrote this and explained what had happened. Makes the story a little more clear.
9/8/2004 c8 75Amora Elvenstar
::glares:: Another cliffy! evil...but totally awesome story. I like how the whole dungeon scene was reduced. It didn't take up what 4 chapters this time. Awesome job. I'm eagerly awaiting the next chapter. Keep it up.
9/8/2004 c7 Amora Elvenstar
Cliffhangers! What is it and you peoples and cliffhangers. Great job. U sound a little choppy. I don't know why, you just seem like you're jumping a bit. Keep it up.
9/8/2004 c6 Amora Elvenstar
SWOOL! Great job. Details are so precise. Great job. Keep it up.
9/8/2004 c5 Amora Elvenstar
Wicked descriptions of the dreams. Great descriptions everywhere. Its longer. How can he curse in languages that he doesn't know the name of? That confused me. Otherwise. Nice. Keep it up.
9/8/2004 c4 Amora Elvenstar
Chaps 3-4. Great job. No spelling errors or grammar. A little gruesome in some places but great job. What is it with you and these flowers? Do they play some little part in the end? I can't wait see. Keep up.
9/8/2004 c3 Amora Elvenstar
Sweet! You added this. Great job. Little gruesome, but great job. You're going to have a lot of reviews. lol. Keep it up.
8/14/2004 c2 Amora
ok, chaps 1 and 2 are very good. I didn't realize he was so young, or did u just change that? Great job on the whole thing. Except for a few minor grammar mistakes u got it down. Great job and I shall continue later. Keep it up.

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