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for Dream On, Rayne

2/12/2006 c11 8Out-Spoken-Runaway
This is an awesome story!

Rayne and Cameron seem so fit for eachother. (That seems so wierd when I say it.) Anyways, keep writing, you have awesome stories!

6/9/2005 c11 birleywhirligig
Ooh... it's so sweet!
12/3/2004 c11 2angelbymistake
Haa.. it ended too soon. But it was still great. :)
11/26/2004 c11 B.R.35
Loved it your gonna make me cry!
11/26/2004 c11 40Moosher
Wow *sniff*, that was such an amazing ending, and so worth the wait! Reading ur storeh was really fun and amusing, u deserve a two thumbs up!*grinz*keep it up and keep it coming! ur extremely talented
11/24/2004 c11 FrozenWaterFaerie
Yay! You wrote an epilogue. Yay!
11/23/2004 c11 happyeverafter
Wow, what a romantic ending. A very good ending for a very good story:o)
11/22/2004 c10 1rock 'n' roll junkie
Yea, I like this ending! Heath, what a jackass. That was awesome when she kicked his ass, lol. I look forward to more stories from you. Keep up the great work!
11/22/2004 c11 kungfu kitty
wow. that was a great story! so sweet!
11/22/2004 c11 2Ariana McKenzie
Yay! Aww, that was cute! I liked how you ended it, it was beautiful! Your writing has actually improved, I swear! Good job girly, looking forward to more from you! And you know you can always email me for help or beta work. Much love, and good luck! -Ariana
11/11/2004 c10 B.R.35
Hey I really liked it the characters were cool. Love it! keep writing others stories
11/11/2004 c10 40Moosher
Hey, great storeh u got there, really got me all excited!*grinz*
I was kinda hoping that it would be longer, but oh well..all good things have to come to an end..
im looking forward to the epilogue, so post it quickleh!
great job writing, keep up the good work! ciao
11/10/2004 c10 2Ariana McKenzie
I wasn't expecting it to end, you sadist! :) This story is adorable, now write for Heart of England before I find you and kick your butt. And then maybe I'll update mine... hehe... -Ariana
11/10/2004 c10 FrozenWaterFaerie
It's over? That was really fast. I thought it would be like all the other stories that go on for a while. AT least all the important stuff have been said (type?). Please write an epilogue!
11/8/2004 c10 lisa
wow that was quite a random ending, but i like it, as with all the other chapters! It's good that you ended it here on a high note rather than let it drag on and lose all plot and stuff. Be proud! Make sure you get that epilogue up soon!
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