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for Dream On, Rayne

9/11/2004 c1 crazyangie07
hey this story is great please continue!
8/28/2004 c6 1Infinite Abyss
This is pretty good. Add the next chapter soon.
8/27/2004 c6 2w1ngle55-ang3L
hahaha.. theyre stuck in the same ro0m! man.. thats bound to bring bout some interestin occurances.. and the hot neighbour.. ahah.. newayz, loved this chappie, as usual, plz update so0n! :)
8/26/2004 c6 2zestisugar
really good chapter i love how cameron got a lil jealous that heath was hitting on rayne updte soon!
8/26/2004 c6 1BeccaBoo14
ah, you DID do the neighbor thingy, and i LOVE it... this is so sweet! i love it! i love it! good update good update! i love it! and a love triangle... that is so sweet... wut if the dude puts the moves on her and she's not comfy and cameron comes to her rescue... HOW CUTE IS THAT? okay... i am REALLY getting ahead of myself. breath in, breath out...
8/22/2004 c5 2Ariana McKenzie
Hmm..I have a wonderful idea *cough* that I have for a second guy interest, but... I dunno, if I put it here, ya never know who could steal it *wink* so email me k? My email's on my profile page. Have fun writing! - Ariana
8/21/2004 c5 1BeccaBoo14
i think that a neighboor should show some interest in her, and cameron will get jealous and kiss her in front of the neighboor to get him to back off... that would be WAY hilarious to see how ray would react to that.. ugh, THE PAIN! lol, good good chappy :-)
8/20/2004 c4 2Ariana McKenzie
Heya! I decided to return the favor and read your stuff! Very cute, by the way. I love it. Sadly, it may be because I associate with the protagonist, but hey, what're ya gonna do? Teehee. Update soon, k? And I will too. Ha. :) -Ariana
8/13/2004 c4 2w1ngle55-ang3L
yay another chappie to read
haha raynes co0l - "now can you please go find Chad and be morons together?" hahahah that was hilarious :P
hey, why does she hate cameron so much? is it just coz he annoys her or what?
oh her lil spiel kinda explains it lol
camerons wierd..
he loved that chappie
plz update so0n :)
~w1ngle55 ang3L ~
8/13/2004 c3 w1ngle55-ang3L
hahahaha that was a funny chappie.. i luvd the endin.. this storys gonna be fab.. and camerons the guy nxt do0r! hehehehe :D
~ w1ngle55 ang3L ~
8/12/2004 c4 13Coral Chimera
Hey there! OMG this is such a FUNNY chapter! Hehe the whole kicking thing. For a minute I thought he might've just gone for the kiss knowing that he'd had her pinned down already. Cute..but I expect that they'll both eventually mellow down and accept each other..fall crazily in love..unless u bring in a third party..that'd be interesting! Yeah my Screen Name/ Pen Name was coined quite spontaneously..I was aiming for a blurry effect, really. But all the same..I like your writing style! Update QUICKLY or you'll get a kitchen chopper after you..haha.
8/12/2004 c4 1BeccaBoo14
oh god i LOVE the 'couch incident'... damn, why the hell does he want her SO badly? lmao, must just be the teenage hormones! :-)
good chappy, write again soon, and thx for telling people to read my story!
8/12/2004 c3 4jemraja
ohlo.. i hafto disagree with you... i have to tell you... *sob*... that... *i cant say it! how can i go agenst yu?*...*no*... *well here goes nothing (haha yu knew yu were gonna hear it *pokes out tongue*)*... I LUV BROCCOLI! HOW COULD YU HAVE SED SUCH A THING ABOUT SUCH A WONDERFUL, DELICIOUS VEGETABLE? have yu tried it with oyster sauce? itz unbelievable ^^ yum yum *crunch crunch* scrumptious crunchable broccoli... oh yeah dun ferget to put some fried garlic n soya sauce on too...m...smellz wunderful too :D
yay cameronz back! [yes i hear your sighs of relief tat ive stopped ranting about broccoli (brocolli? :S)...] hahah i luv this bit! - "At that moment I swore that if he even hinted at the bikini incident, I would impale him."
oh no *thunks head on keyboard* shez so dumb! how could she say "you wouldn't dare"? ARGH! oh well makes for interesting story ^^
hahha but cameronz kool *.*
hee hee - promising... v promising...*claps hands together in glee*
8/12/2004 c2 jemraja
LOL! very cute way to meet a hot guy :P ok yu dun wanna hear me blather on about how cute the situation is :P n i figure yu kno how cute the guy is... hum so til next chapter~!
8/12/2004 c1 jemraja
haha shez such a bully! i like it! n yes ~ *claps* wellwritten story
great portrayal of character, n leaps straight into an event ^^
ah WHUT? the mumz giving HER punishment? that is so WRONG! . whut did she ever do besides uh pummel her brother to a pulp n uh yeah but STILL! deprivation of communication with the human world ent gonna do her any good :(
aww martins so endearing ^^ great story! excellent story! getting a good sense of the characters... not overexaggerated or anything. uh the *shutup* to livia sounded rather mean, n not right, but other than that it was pretty damn good, but it needs a plot! comeon!
nice long chapter too! woohoo (or mebbe ive jst been reading short chapters the last few days)
ahh i see two more chapters hiding there... come out come out whereever yu are... *evil smile*
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