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for Her Beautiful Imperfections

8/28/2004 c1 mol
oh. scary :(
and i dont know - boy or girl wise.
what is he/she?
8/9/2004 c1 Genevieve Sente
Aww very sad.. :(
You should definitely keep going with this. I think it'll make a good story. The narrator... I don't know. It could actually be either. I'm thinking it's more like a girl, though.
Write more!
7/31/2004 c1 2Little Precious
Oh that was so sad. It was heart breaking, almost... It made me slightly depressed... =(
But it's a great start to a story and I'd want to know how he (yes I do think it's a he, but you could prove me wrong and tell us the narrator's a she) gets on with the story - and HOPEFULLY find out if she's really dead or not.
Please update soon =)
Good luck,
Little Precious
PS - if you have time, come check out my stories, I don't write nearly as well as you do, but I do hope you like them. =)
7/30/2004 c1 Rythe
It was so beautiful I cried! I can connect your short magnificent piece in many ways! It was..a joy to read..yet a pain also..so sad..
7/30/2004 c1 7LiveStrong
That's horrible! I feel terrible! Oh no!
I think it's a boy that's saying that, by the way.
But it's so sad! He loved her so much and she loved him, and then she died? Man, that's terrible. But it's very emotional, and I like emotional stories. And very good description. So please, i want this to go somewhere! I want to read more!

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