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for True Love Never Dies

7/31/2004 c3 7LiveStrong
I like how you break between the present relationship and the past one.
Update soon, It's getting really interesting!
7/30/2004 c2 4Berne Kansee
really gd.. even though content is quite messy.. try to get it organised.. love to hear more... btw ur fict. is pretty humourous n amusing... r&r mine too..
7/30/2004 c2 7LiveStrong
OOkay now let me get this straight. The triplets are descendents of Ayanna and Damien, right? ANd now Ishmael is going to be a descendent of Rhian? Or...something? Am i right?
Well, don't tell me if I am, i want to be surprised.
I really like Alexis, she's hilarious!
'Ah yes, I remember now.' I laughed harder every time she said that.
Anyway, Up date soon!

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