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for Unwilling Love

10/23/2004 c4 5jointedlegs
AHH omg! i thought u only had one chapter...-_-' hahaa. Okay i think this story IS turning out great so update SOON! bye!
10/23/2004 c1 jointedlegs
Hi! Wow this is really interesting. It's not very original though...but it certainly has substance. To me, You merged a few similar storylines together.
I seriously don't know how it'll turn out! But it's a great start and i'm sure the story will make great progress. Continue writing!
9/24/2004 c3 vampyre-night
I love this story. Keep writing, I really want to see what happens next.
8/4/2004 c2 Giggless2004
Your story is pretty good, the only thing is that it sounds a LOT like the Harry Potter stories how she's unknown, the wand scene was kinda like HP and the wall as well was kinda similar too, you should try to differ yourself away from that more otherwise it will seem like another retelling of it and i have a feeling thats not what your going for, other then that I'm looking forward to see where you take this, keep writing
8/2/2004 c1 3The book club
its diffrent...but good..you'll get more reviews the more chapters you get up!

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