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8/11/2004 c1 2Lonely-River-Boy
I applaud you... Beautiful ending! Your going on my favorite Authors list. Keep up the awesome work!
8/10/2004 c1 121Flavor of Rain
The point is Jesus loves you ;)
right anywho I liked it.
8/8/2004 c1 5Thepolia
I just finished reading your 'rhymed version' and then I read this one. The rhymed version is better polished, but I like this ending more... I mean, it's 'I look at you' instead of listening to words that are true... This seems to be less passive
8/7/2004 c1 10Moonlit Fairy Wings
I absolutely love this poem. Its brilliant.There are days when "whats the point" is the only thing that goes through my head. This portrays it perfectly!
8/7/2004 c1 7Hannah Jae
I really love this. The ending is great. "And I remember
The point of my life is you." Great job.
8/6/2004 c1 nick-wordsmith
Very well done. I like this. Maybve you could read one of my poems called 'Sinking'... I think you might see something in it. Anyway, very well done. I will read more of your work
Stones decay, words last
8/5/2004 c1 122alwayslove
Almost cried, I swear. I love it! Thanks for reading mine too. Plz keep wirintg, I'd buy your stuff!
8/5/2004 c1 51kawaii-kirei
So true. ^_^ Every question kept on making me smile, and the problem is, it's all true! This is great! Well written, too. And thanks for reviewing my poem! ^^
8/5/2004 c1 114The Cheshire Kitten
Beautiful and individualistic in it's own way ...
8/5/2004 c1 335chainedfreedom
What's the point of looking forward
If you can’t even look back?
-so true its annoying.
kewl poem, and has a sweet ending.
thanx 4 the review! ^^
8/4/2004 c1 93Nienyalie
*smiles* Beautiful, very well written, a fine piece of work. Keep writing.
8/3/2004 c1 32Irish Rocker
Ouh! I love it! Woohoo, self expression and individualism!
8/3/2004 c1 65John Ferguson
That was really deep, loved the ending most.You obviously thought alot about this 1, Congrats, another sucess
8/3/2004 c1 Willers
aww omg that is SO cute! ^_^; and sad too.
8/2/2004 c1 5Eagle Seance
good use of questions. i thought the end was strangely tragic...
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