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for Your Necklace

8/11/2004 c1 Clodhopper
it's pretty good. for a song, tho, u might want to try and lengthen the verses a little & make the chorus a little more obvious. i wasn't sure which lines were the chorus & which were the verses. um, u have the wrong kind of your in there, should be you're. other than that, it was a nice read
8/11/2004 c1 4orli'slover
Hey everyone thanks for the reviews.
8/11/2004 c1 19firenzie1
cool sond, i'd love to say more but i suck at reviews :D
8/11/2004 c1 52lola-in-slacks
Yeah I think thats quite nice... does it have a tune? I can imagine it being country. Thanks for the review doll.

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