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for eyes

5/12/2005 c1 62lifescrewsusall
i like the imagery-passion thing... it really works. good poem.
9/30/2004 c1 28frugale
Please allow me to scream it all over the place. The description of wht this poem evocated in me simply is beyond words. If I were to quote especially powerful parts of the poem, I would quote every line, in disorganized fashion. You are the best at what you are writing. You must absolutely keep it up.
To write something significant here: I think you mastered your use of rather simple vocabulary, in a way that we are driven to unlock a message far more complicated than the list of words used to actually write the poem down. Props to the poet.
8/4/2004 c1 57teh tarik
Oh, that was simply beautiful. The way you touched upon the theme was so sad, emotional. Greaat word choice, too.
8/2/2004 c1 1k+Faithless Juliet
Intresting, I like how you discribed the eyes as being all of the different colors, it really created amazing imagry. Very powerful, keep up the good work.

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