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for A Twisted Fate

4/19/2005 c2 Shadow-Fire2007
glenn:This was a great short storie from what i could tellshadow:The end was al right tooGlenn: Dont mind him he is always like this
2/14/2005 c2 2Crimson G
Hey there, I like this story so far. Keep it up. Hey sorry I haven't review any of your stories since things have been going swell lately, but I got everything together. I like your stories. Later.
9/13/2004 c1 4Magician-Valkyrie
Magician-Valkyrie: NO! BLIZZARD GOT SHOT!*begins to cry*
Nirina: *grumbling* shut up...your giving me a headache...
Magician-Valkyrie: *sniffs* fine...anywho, sorry you haven't heard from us lately! I've been busy with the other 2 fiction sites that i'm a member of and school and flags and going to many camps over the summer!
8/30/2004 c1 20My Psychosis
Thanks for all the reviews, you're really funny. Ever heard the term practice makes perfect? Well, it holds true in this case. I'm not trying to be mean or rude, don't take me for that and get offended, I'm just telling the truth. You're not a bad writer, I see lots of potential as they always say. But you're really funny and that'll take you somewhere.
Anyway, as for this story, I like the plot (Even though I'm not so sure I understood it, it was entertaining) it's just a little scatter brained, but you can fix that in time. But in all, the main thing I would change is your grammer/spelling, chatspeak is ok for chat rooms, but if you're writing a story like this I suggest using good spelling, chatspeak is hard to read and many people (myself on some occasions) just skip over it.
Well, this is really lengthy, but thank you for the reviews, I think you and your alter-ego are pretty cool, and super funny. If you're serious at making your writing a bit more... comprehensive, email me at , and I'll be glad to help! Talk to ya later then!
8/29/2004 c1 49SleepDontWeep
thats an irratating ending to a chapter cuz it leaves u wanting more and more and more! well done! i like where this is going! please update soon! much love and admiration 2 u both!
please review my story: thats not how it happened.
id love to get both of ur opinions!
8/11/2004 c1 19freethephoenix
Wow... I am beyond confused. Please e-mail me and explain what the heck is going on at the beginning? Because this is cool. I feel like there's a few chapters missing from the beginning of this? And as I write this I get the feeling that it's explained in one of your other stories? But even so, you should explain a little at the beginning of a whole new story just so people's brains don't explode... lol. I can handle a lot, but I dunno about anyone else!
I like the part with the car, and the bullets bouncing off a shield. (yay!) And nice cliff hanger at the end. Keep up your good work!

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