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for Out in the Blue

8/11/2004 c1 mizutenchi22
This would be a great song! Have you ever thought of putting it to music?
A+ :)
8/11/2004 c1 18Rose Vicious
It could be a song! Your beat and rythem are really good if you... read it in a rap sense. In other words, I likey! Oh, and you told me to drop a couple reviews, I might as well drop more than just a couple, you're good!
8/10/2004 c1 14HereIDreamtIWasAnArchitect
The fourth stanza in particular I loved ^_^ This is good, I like how it seems to be raw, having come straight from the heart and ubdoubtedly written in sincerity.
8/7/2004 c1 3Not Telling
This is a really good poem I'll be reading more of your stuff.
8/5/2004 c1 Sylvan Tears guess who's too lazy to sign in
Wow. I know this feeling, and you captured it extremely well. I especially like the "Maybe if I had pain I'd be included" line; that really hit home. This is lovely. (And thank you very much for you review!)
8/3/2004 c1 6Space-ghost-boy
I like it. I just wish I was more of a poet so I new what I was talking about or what to critique. But I like it. I might even say I like it a lot.

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