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3/10/2005 c1 1JDWrites
How would you flame them if you can't find them cause they didn't review...that's so weird, but if you will stalk me for not reviewing and I have to be more paranoid than I already am, and if you ead my stories...you'll find out I really AM very paranoid, then here is my review. I loved the first line. :D Don't kill me, I have characters to do that. XD
10/1/2004 c2 SukiSuki RaRa
8/27/2004 c2 8tocs
what is it with you
and these silly reviews?
just to make you less dangerous
i decided to review in twos
yes, i liked
this random piece if poo
i just came across it
coz i got the flu (well, not really but don't you want to keep the rhyme going?)
8/26/2004 c1 anon
this is funny! keep up the good work
8/20/2004 c1 27OceanFreedom
great poem ps i am not the ginger afro booger man ok!1
8/5/2004 c1 7Jack Lumber
Woho! Much better than that one about you're diary. It was good. I particularly liked:
Never believe what's written down
Unless I wrote it.
Sounds like something I would write. Good Job! By the way, did you read that story? Here it is again:
8/5/2004 c2 kayttea
yay! mwahahahahaha! thank yous...or...er...your welcome?
8/5/2004 c1 nick-wordsmith
No chance you had to read 'Love, Ghosts and Nosehair' is there? Probably not, but I had to do something similar. Anyway a good poem and quite clever. Well done.
Stones decay, words last
8/4/2004 c1 kayttea
heeheehee, this is crazy! but that's why i like it! yay! llamas! RANDOMNESS!

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