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for Sweet Regret

3/25/2005 c1 25Munchin
weird.. how is it possible that someone else felt the same way as I did.. How is that possible.. who are you? this is so strange.. you keep talking about things I feel.. felt. You are a good writer.
3/24/2005 c1 14method acting
wow. Can I have your talent? PLEASE?
10/19/2004 c1 11Cloud Burst
oo ths is beautiful! very deep and emotional, luv the last line =) awesome poem!
8/7/2004 c1 81nesy
Really great job you did! I feel you, now I'm having problems with a friend of mine. It gets to me. Really good.
8/4/2004 c1 61A.D Williams
Very directly passionate piece you have written. Lovely indeed ^^
Thank you for the 2 reviews
8/4/2004 c1 191Trinity Joselyn Carter
is this about me or about michelle? we need to talk about what happened on monday. i didn't like that evil glare you gave me at all.. and it was for no reason.
8/4/2004 c1 Anime Freakizoid
sounds like wanting revenge, but still you always come up with wonderful writings that fans really enjoy!
-anime freakizoid X^_^X
8/4/2004 c1 144Infinite Smiles
Great descritions...I have felt that way too.. OYu put it into words beautifully.
8/4/2004 c1 58ShadesofBlue842
you are by far one of the most superior writers i ahve met, your writing is gorgeous!
8/4/2004 c1 suzieque2
Well written and beautifully expressed. Not fair I wonder about these things too.

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