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for Tea For The Damaged Goods

12/10/2004 c4 2BKGal-24
Are you going to do a chapter or so on each girl? That would make for a good story...!
12/10/2004 c2 BKGal-24
I'm gonna keep reading, but I have to say, this is one helluva unique piece of writing. The idea is so cool! I mean, I can totally see myself being part of this kind of "tea party" if you will. I dated a guy that had the same effect on women...drives me nuts that I still think about him today. Anyway. No critiques here. It's awesome!
11/4/2004 c4 90poetic abortion
THis is just awesome ! I love your stories ! Absulutly love em !
~ Crucified by the devil ~
8/16/2004 c4 20wee-rebz
oh, some developments here, as things begin to be explained! it was short - have a good week away, and let's hear more soon ;o)
8/12/2004 c4 8Faceless Shaddow
Longer! Yey! That's the ticket!
8/11/2004 c4 LcT514
interesting story...update soon...
8/11/2004 c4 4SummerSweetie14
8/9/2004 c3 24Xani
I like the idea of this story, I hope your writers block gets better. All I can say is to continue with each girl's story. It would be interesting to hear all the experiences. They would have to be different, but they should link in some way. That's just my 2 cents!
8/8/2004 c3 4SummerSweetie14
Its a good story so far...Hmm...Ideas...Ideas...Hm...He comforted her and she just fell in love with him rite away? I have NO idea lol
8/5/2004 c2 9Samantha Kensington
seems really interesting. keep going
8/5/2004 c2 8Faceless Shaddow
Wow, i can't wait to read on!
8/5/2004 c2 20wee-rebz
this is a great idea. good name and everything. im very interested to know who this man was...you're keeping him quite secretive! i know how the writer feels...its not nice to think of all the girls who might have felt the same way you did. will be looking forward to updates!
8/5/2004 c2 3Asphyxiated - G
Wow nice idea. The atmosphere is making me very tense ... I can relate perfectly to how these people feel.
I know some of my boyfriend's exes (they're my school friends) but there are some I would not want to meet. There are some I hate just from what i've heard him say about them.
Please keep going I want to know what this guy did to all these girls.
The lines about her wanting to be the most special - and about the infamous sheets - and the same whispered words in the same bedroom ... all seemed very real. I feel like I'm one of the girls in the room. I feel really awkward.
Update soon.
8/5/2004 c2 dev
wow! this is pretty cool! i can't wait until you update... very interesting...

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