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12/3/2005 c11 4jemraja
Ew I bet she DOES want to jump his bones.. Theo is so much kuhler than Kyle. Although as much as I love Theo, I don't think that anyone should want to jump his bones either @@. Oh a Kyle vs Theo competition - make sure you continue it next chapter :] And Ching Ling reminds me of a door bell. No, that wasn't what I was gonna say... Oh yeah, Ching Ling reminds me of Gina [from Honey! which btw is so good]. I like the way she talks, coz even though her grammar is awful and all, it sounds good [I suppose because it's dialogue].Yeah, I just realised that I hadn't read the last chapter [haven't read the last two of false facades either =O]And youu haven't updated for almost SIX MONTHS. Do you know how much 6 months is? It's HALF A YEAR. So you haven't updated in almost HALF A YEAR. To make what I am saying totally clear, you should update your story already. And since I've returned to the world of fictionpress, I will be here to read and review =D hahah and i suppose you'll be able to bug everyone else to review your story. Why have you stopped anyway? Is it because you don't know where you're going =[ or you're worried about where your schizophrenia is about to take you and your characters [I don't want to know.. maybe stopping your story is wise - except, almost HALF A YEAR should be long enough to kick them into shape]. Ah well I don't really care if you don't know where you're going because it's all amusing anyway. Just make sure you don't let any of the important characters fade, and let Karu get a bit closer to catching someone. And I don't know why I'm typing all capitalised - I just started reviewing someone's story using capital letters and all sorts of other fancy stuff [because all of the other reviews were tremendously capitalised and I could fell the peer pressure rolling off and smothering me] and it sorta carried over...Anyway, hurry up and write more so I can read it =D and I reread Pecky for your Necky and it grows even better with age XD I can just see us all reading it when we're old and senile, sitting back in our wheelchairs and laughing wheezily at Wendy's antics XD
6/20/2005 c11 10Jaz108
iguess id better review... dun wanna face The Glare, nw do i I? hell no. so im reviewing.. can i ahve my cookie now? =P i htink thi story is fun... elisha is fun.. she is one of my fav characters in this story.. anyways.. i have to go now.. bye


ps. review soon! =P
4/2/2005 c10 2elze
I AM IN LOVE WITH greenie!He sounds like the guy of my dreams!

Did you know that guys look totally hot with green hair? unlike girls...i saw this girl one day and she had really fluro green hair...its was all long...and ew...not good...but guys...*sigh* gods of greeness!...

GO THEO! YEAH! HE KISSED HER!...but i dont like how she says it was 'slobbery'...i bet secretly...she enjoyed it IMMENSELY!
3/28/2005 c10 Banana Princess
o0o! OMG I love this story! Jackie has issues, lol. I love your writing style. Update soon! :D Ta.
3/27/2005 c7 1rock 'n' roll junkie
I know this isn't in this chapter. But this line, right here - "Britney started screaming and Jackie simply sat down calmly and buttered a crumpet." That cracked me up. Buttered a crumpet! Lol, there's just something funnily unique about that if that makes any sense at all. Eh...anyways I love your story and Elisha kicks ass! Lol, although I'm not for feminism, she's pretty funny and so is Jackie. Aww, the whole singing sequence thing for Jackie, and that same song from 10 things I hate about you, may have been uh not very original, but adorable nonetheless! I swear I can't stop praising you. I'm enjoying this story IMMENSELY and I'm reading it all in one sitting. You should be very uplifted...I hope ~_^. Keep up the wonderful work!
3/25/2005 c10 chickabang
ok clear up a few things 4 me umm why is raiden the most popular is he like hotter than theo. When do we meet raiden? im already half in love i want him to end up with jackie. does theo live at home?
3/25/2005 c7 chickabang
wait i thought raiden was the most popular why does theo live at marks house
3/25/2005 c6 chickabang
make her end up with raiden oh plz plz plz im in love already
3/25/2005 c5 chickabang
why lavender scent and will she suddenly turn like totally gorgeous wit tons of guys
3/25/2005 c4 chickabang
why did u make theo so gay he sounds like his gay his supposed to be a rich hot snobbish mysterious playboy no now hu am i going to hope for as jackie's bf at the end
3/25/2005 c3 chickabang
ok i dont noe now is theo rich he has to be rich or it wont be fair i want her to end up wiht a rich hot guy
3/25/2005 c2 chickabang
oh rich guy i love it their getting 2getha rite tell me yes
3/24/2005 c1 chickabang
i reread it did u change it i think u did u havent updated in so long i can hardly remember
3/20/2005 c7 Disoriented Waste
Ok, about the Romeo and Juliet thing.. It isn't really a love story.. It has love 'in' it but.. It's not..

Uhm right.. I like your story.. it's interesting?

No grammar mistakes I can see so far.
3/19/2005 c10 jemraja
hahaha theo is so cute! XD! “Yeah.” I managed to choke out. “We’re paired up for drama assignment.”

good characterisationg and phrasing of aunt ^-^ LOL! "In like a pink, sequined whirlwind, out like well… a pink sequined whirlwind…" man, you have a way with words [sigh]

lol so late... 11:30pm already... shall have to cut review agen -_- shall come back to finish it off lol!
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