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for Under One Roof

6/4/2007 c1 4OneMoreMiracle
I like it. Good way for expressing how you feel. ^^
3/13/2007 c1 angelgrl
love the contradiction and the sarcasm in this especially miserably funny.
2/16/2006 c1 6Death by Dangerous Driving
Until I read this I never realised how bad things were. I know I took the piss out of you and Nelly, and I'm sorry. You should have said something. I hope it all gets better, though I know it didn't. Remember, I'm always here for you.
10/18/2005 c1 24youthinkyouknowme
Thanks for the review...

nice poem, i like the emotion behind it. funny how so many of us (myself included) feel that way.
8/5/2004 c1 suzieque2
but its really sad
keep writing

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