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1/9/2006 c1 1Triden
This sounds interesting. Ella, from Cinderella? at least she has a nice family. This story sounds interesting, i'm curious to see what twists are in store...

8/18/2005 c7 12Learah Kaelar
Hey, I'm reading this for the SECOND time now! Horray! Ya know what I just thought of though? Have you ever read the book 'Wicked', 'Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister' or 'Mirror Mirror'? They're by Gregory Maguire, and he's awesome, and I really think you'd love these books! They remind me of your story!Blessed be!
6/9/2005 c8 21Ancamna
Alright, I read through your bio and you asked the author to Tir Alain - it's Anne Bishop.

But I had to find something I hadn't reviewed first. I know I told you my thoughts on this chapter already, but if you've forgotten, my main...criticism... is that the body guards are so rough and brutal until Mother comes in? If she was so frightening/stern then how did she get locked in the other room in the first place? If you're going to have the body guards be frightened of Mother, you have to build up her reputation as a no-nonsense strict type of person. But she's a side character, so I don't know if you want to do that. I'd just find some other way for the body guards to leave.

Also, I think you should add more to what happens to Lily. After all she's planned and waited for she just goes home? I dunno... Maybe an epilogue would work, where you show where each of the characters ends up.
6/1/2005 c8 16Islandbreeze
I really, really liked this- Lily was SO annoying, I liked Henry a lot though- the only criticism I have is that the whole thing felt a little bit rushed, but it was a rather short story so the pacing would have to be faster, I just thought some parts could use a little bit more elaboration. Anyway, nice job, and congrats on finishing a story-I have issues with that
6/1/2005 c4 Islandbreeze
This is a really great version of Cinderella, I think Lily would drive me insane, or at least drive me to locking her up in the closet...
2/18/2005 c8 9Widow Shark
I absolutely loved it! It's one of the best adaptations of Cinderella that I've ever read. Keep writing and keep smiling : ).


Widow Shark
2/13/2005 c8 39Aspiring Author
W00t! Go you! Kudos! Can i steal your ability to finish stories? PLEASE? I wanna finish mine... in plural... *cries* TT_TT
2/5/2005 c8 12Learah Kaelar
Wow-kazow! I like this story a lot! Generally I'm not much of one for happy endings, but this one was so sweet! I liked the bit about her not wanting to go to the ball, by the way. Not sure why. Just liked it. Blessed Be!
2/5/2005 c2 Learah Kaelar
Wow, Lily is an idiot. She reminds me of a few people I know, putting the facts together so they fit the wrong way.
2/5/2005 c1 Learah Kaelar
Very interesting set up. You had me hooked on it at the first line.
2/5/2005 c8 4Queen of the Dragons
fine. if u wont finish off the story properly, i will! what happened to lily? Alfred? Ella + Henry? THERE'S TOO MUCH THAT'S BEEN LEFT UNSAID!
2/5/2005 c7 Queen of the Dragons
oh...PLEASE THROW LILY OFF THE CLIFF! or better yet, have alfred push her over! (heheheh- that would serve HER right). anyway...what is up with lily? can't she see that ella doesn't like either her, alfred or what she's doing?
2/5/2005 c6 Queen of the Dragons
reward? uh-oh... i really don't want to think about what lily's going to do with alfred, especially when she finds out that ella and henry like each other. Nice end to the chapter.
2/5/2005 c5 Queen of the Dragons
lily is totally screwing up ella's life. its nice that ella like henry, they'd make a cute couple. one thing, though, this chapter ends really abruptly: i think u should eithr take out the last sentence, or add to it so that it isn't so abrupt.
2/5/2005 c4 Queen of the Dragons
i think ella's in a bad mood, b/c she's being really rude to the host... i think u should have alfred kick lily out of the house... hat.hat.hat.
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