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3/29/2006 c10 6TechEmpath1
I figured I'd leave one review for all ten chapters, I read War on Crack, ut I guess I really never got around to reading this, it got lost in the shuffle of finals last year. This was a very good story, and enlightening. I think you have wonderful talent as a writer (which I have said before), but keep up the great work.
3/26/2005 c1 6annchick1273




Anyways, lovely chapter cause remy just rocks in this fic. Alot. But I like how the beginning just lures you in and just gives you a little to make you intruiged, but not too little where you're lost.

"and he saw something a little broken in her, a little lost. A little like himself. So he became lost too, in that moment- in those eyes." I really liked that- genius. It's a nice little hook.

"Her reaction was just so adorable that Andrew couldn’t help but lean over and kiss her. " Um please send Andrew over to my bed?

I like this Andrew alot better than Ashley's or my andrew. He kinda reminds me of a mix of Jesse&john.
3/24/2005 c10 8Hotkitty
whoa, nice fic. 2 bad its over. i liked this. *sigh* well, at least i finally finished it. thats good.
3/23/2005 c9 Lily Pierce
I finally got around to reading this, and I really like it. It put me in a bit of an odd mood, though. Very quiet, a little tired. Which I suppose is a good thing, for the story, anyway, if it can affect people enough to change their moods. *smiles slightly* I like Andrew. And Remy. This'll probably help me more with reading WOC, yes- how far is that after this? Anyway, update soon!
3/22/2005 c7 Hotkitty
whoa... this is so good... i should have read it earlier, blame laziness, i have no other excuse.
3/22/2005 c2 Hotkitty
hi *smile* took me long enough but im finally on it, its nearly the easter holidays (1 day to go) so i decided to leave the hwrk and relax, relax meaning finally read this. :D. probably wont finish 2day but ill try my best.
3/20/2005 c10 6Ashley Elizabeth Rodriguez
I loved this story. It was so wonderfully negative. In my story I've put in the crazy negative way of thinking...but hey, thats how my mind works. I loved it and I guess I'll read "Okay this is war on Crack" since you suggesed it...hope its good! Can't wait for a sequal to this...if there is one` ash
3/18/2005 c10 6annchick1273
Hi Chrischrischriso.

I will read this when I have time. Which I have lots of.
3/16/2005 c10 15Sad Songs Remind Me
I always type the wrong password when I try to sign onto fictionpress. Which is so random considering how obvious my password is. Yeah so...Dude, this is about to be the most random review you've EVER recieved. Not only am I in such a weird mood, it's sick, but I'm drugged as hell. It's a great thing. Yeah. Seriously. I don't know why I always sounds so random in my reviews. It's like this whole weird part of me takes over and writes things that have nothing to do with the plot or what's going on or life or anything for that matter. The question is, how long can I ramble on before I completely lose all train of thought and forget what story I'm even reviewing ( or on top of that my name?)? So yeah, I just lost train my of thought, because I was trying to figure out why the sequel was going to kick so much ass. But then I realized that it doesn't need a reason. It's just gonna be awesome (and I totally can't remember anything anymore). But, this actual chapter, is great. (I'm trying to actually start the review). Remy still fascinates me. I don't think she ever won't fascinate me. Because she's cool like that. And I get confused easily. (I KNOW WHERE MY PHONE IS! I think it's in my pillowcase and that's why I couldn't hear it too well. I wonder why I put it in my pillowcase though. hm). Yeah, so I like the break-up. It's very fitting (like I've already said. Repitition is fun). It's very Remy. I was actually wondering what happens to Andrew after everything is said and done though. He didn't seem too depressed by the break-up. (And I was so proud that Andrew was the one that broke up with Remy. He needed to stand up for himself. Sort of.) And I totally forgot what I was going to say again! So I'm just going to end it here. Because I'm confusing myself by rambling on and blah blah. Yeah, so fabulous job. As usual. And yeah.
3/16/2005 c10 burkle
The last chapter? How very sad that there will be no more.

You knew it had to be coming from the start, but it's still so sad to see them break up. They were both so great.I guess I'll just have to gte my fix in the sequel (which you better be writing soon, lol).

Awesome, awesome story. Great job.~MJ
1/30/2005 c9 5harrypotterd
this is a great story, sorry i didn't review before in the other chapters! please continue writing i just love reading about the crazy madness of remy and how she seems to be like a drug to andrew. he just can't let her go. how did you come up with this plot line hmm? its wonderful! please continue
1/22/2005 c9 11EmptyNight
Good story, keep the chapters coming
10/17/2004 c9 2Tsukinani
's good, I like the way it's going. It's a great story. Hope you update soon ne?
Have fun with whatever you do outside of this Chika.
We Could Be Gone
10/16/2004 c9 Gwen
I really like this story. I mean...your constantly waiting for the other shoe to drop, ya know? Yeah well, this story rocks, and you're a great wrtier, I can't wait for the next chapter!
10/16/2004 c9 15Sad Songs Remind Me
Chris, you crazy Andrew Fucker.. (haha, dude that came from out of no where, I swear) this is awesome. I rock for being right with your favorite scene and all, I deserve a cookie or something. As for this chapter, I love it. It's great-ness of the best kind. I like the crazy emo boy comment. It made me happy, in that sick emolicious way I get happy. I'm messed up, what can I tell ya. I think I like Remy in this chapter. She's bipolar and my desire to like her, changes everytime she switches her outlook on life. And Andrew is hot. Enough said. LOL. Keep it real! (haha I think I'm high or something)
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