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for Your White Canvas

4/3/2007 c1 1Elle Morgen
Good imagery/comparisons and attention to detail. Only thing I would change is this: you start out talking about art-white canvas. You should end by going back to that and tell us what the speaker ended up doing (or painting). It would tie it all together much nicely, but that's my own particular taste/style. Overall, I loved it.
3/19/2006 c1 55SadnessWaterfall
Wow. What to say...? I love this poem. It has something in it. I don't know how to name it. Magical one way or another. "You choose your own path Your own colors Your own exits Your own door Then you'll truly be free." That is the most beautiful part for me. There's something about it. Something true, and yet it is like a dream. A dream that not many people can achieve. Anyway, great job!

Hugies K

PS: Thanx for the review on 'Dreams and Reality'!
3/17/2006 c1 5Excited Electron
This one is wonderful also. I love how it starts with a blank canvas, then changes to a maze. This one shows confusion and points out that we all make mistakes. It also teaches a lesson that we should all follow. " You choose your own pathYour own colorsYour own exitsYour own doorThen you'll truly be free."

I love your poetry.
3/16/2006 c1 nofaceme
Very interesting. I did notice a small typo...it's "which ones to choose" instead of "one's". ^_^ anyways...it almost is sing-song at parts. Keep it up. p.s. ewan mcgregor is hot stuff...
3/16/2006 c1 19TW HEART
8/7/2004 c1 9Lunar Wulf Gemini
Very creative and descriptive. I like the imagery.

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