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5/6/2012 c27 1Bookworm-At-Starbucks
If I look at this correctly, your last update was in 2006. Is your work load done yet? I know you probably have a job and all now and if you are going to drop this story, please put a DROPPED sign on it because some people like me would be frustrated to know that you haven't updated in forever and that their favorite characters will never get their happily ever after.

Please update or hang the sign soon.
4/17/2008 c27 shez
Hi, its me again, I was thinking about your story and thought I'd check if you've updated, but you haven't! Update! Is this story going to be completed? You should let us know, because you've left your readers hanging. I'd love it if you finished this, because your story was really good.
4/17/2008 c1 Nabila
Good story, i like it. cant wait for part two!
12/29/2007 c27 Shez
Hiya. where are you girl? Are you still buried under all your books? I'm sure your year must have finished by now! Where are you from? What country has such a long academic year! Your keeping all your readers in suspense! update soon else i'll cyber-attack you. lol.
12/6/2006 c4 5I Murder on Impulse
7/24/2006 c27 amz
hey mez. o my-wat a complete turn around. there's me thinking that it's all 2 do wid romance and wat not-but den we get twist! u had me gripped, i tell ya! and d guys-connor and damon-man-ther shud be more of dose guys around d world, but hey, such is life! lol! was disappointed wen i read dat u wnt b updating in d near future, especially as we were jus abt 2 find out how tommy, beth and tanya were gunna catch d murderer, but den hey, i suppose dat was 1 of ure aims-2 let d reader make der own ending, and lets face it, der will be many, lol! well, it saves u alot of hassle! lol! neway. u've got major talent. keep up d good work, and make sure u do let me no if u EVER decide 2 update, or if you ever write anuda story! take care!
3/21/2006 c27 k.s
3/20/2006 c27 how do i delete this
whoot! awesome chapter! you should update more often! this story is so good! and that last part, "I fell asleep easily that night, unaware of how naïve I was about the future.", that left me wondering... very good.. u r an awesome writer! keep updating, and happy writing!

-Shaddow No Kuromiko
3/20/2006 c25 BeautifulPari
hey there mez.. me again

though i review again as i didnt check for spellin mistakes lolz

like i said i have many name lol

slytherin gurl, shygal lolz

but keep up the good work and keep on making the next chapters better and better.. love all the fic love it love it love it lolz

mwach x
3/20/2006 c27 sameera
u do knwo that i am slyttherin gurk mez..ansd shy gal lolz

man this was god

its ashame that ur not gona updated 4 a while which i understand... but try updatin if u can ok

man i feel liek stranglin u now cuz ur right behind me lolz for not updating be4 lolz

anyways bye 4 now huni .. check out my site and join and my other msn space just click on my profile in msn lolz

mwach x
3/20/2006 c26 BeautifulPari
hey mez still got another chappie to read .. even throunght ur behind me doin ur work lolz..

man i love this fic.. it wicked soo interesting..

great work.. keep it up.. and ur a star huni xxmwach xx
3/18/2006 c27 1Alfiriel
Thank you for updating! I think this was a nice chapter. I'm glad she told Beth about her ability to see ghosts. I guess it's good that she now has someone who knows the truth.

I understand that you can't update this often. It's okay, as long as you don't abandon this story.. :) Looking forward to the next chapter.
3/18/2006 c27 chez
hey, another great chapter, i love the tension you keep on maintaining.

i hope there is another chapter soon but not too far away
3/18/2006 c27 2Mei1105
She took that well...

Get Beth and Damon together alredy! Do it!... don't mind me i've officially lost my marbels. I sold them on ebay... :)

I know the fun down feeling you've got, cept I'm applying to uni this year and all that jazz.

Update soon!
3/5/2006 c26 1Alfiriel
It's a nice story, I like it very much. I think Tommy is pretty cool. -smile-

Hope you update soon!
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