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1/4/2005 c17 sandra
that was a great chap plz review soon n happy new year ^_^
1/3/2005 c17 Chez44
Great Update, love how the story is continuing and the tension being developed. can't wait for more updates
1/2/2005 c2 rp
stop with the "whilst". it's driven me insane.
1/2/2005 c17 4Empyreal Melody
I really like this story. Update soon please! ^^
1/2/2005 c17 starry-starry-night-130
sorry for not reviewing so long my computer broke down. anyway (gasp) great chapter whats gonna happen the waiting is killing me! UPDATE!
1/1/2005 c17 8mandirox09
OMG! AWESOME FREAKING STORY! I loved it! please update soon! check out my story if ya have time, thanks! - Mandi
1/1/2005 c17 17Lady of romance world88
Wow! I hope Tanyla will say yes to Connor. How does Tommy knew it if Tanyla don't see him at school? Wow, luckily for her, she had best friend support her. I wonder if Beth and Damon can be together. Hurry update soon.
1/1/2005 c17 10ibjuicen
too short...-_-continue...
1/1/2005 c17 arwentheelf
woo hoo! shes gonna meet conner again! :) and hopefully Tommy will be able to pull a prank on Lucy. She deserves it. Keep updating and I'll keep reading!
1/1/2005 c17 angel van
please continue the story. i love it. this will be bookmarked on my browser.
12/31/2004 c16 11jules2206
tommy is so cool I can't wait to read more Happy New year! he asked her out omigosh and she said no! silly silly girl! of! lol please update soon, buhbai!
12/26/2004 c16 sandra
hey love ur story update soon plz ^_^
12/16/2004 c16 ikky
hia luv d story mate so wen u gna add some of d tips u pickd up from KS cant wait ;) oh one more question can we expect mark to pop up in your fanfic sometime soon looking forward to reading the rest of the fanfic when you can be bothered to update bye for now :)
12/14/2004 c16 13Tenshistar
I really like this story. Its very interesting. I'd say more, but i'm pressed for time at the moment. i can't wait to see the rest of the chapters.
12/14/2004 c16 2elze

thats a load off for Tanya. I would hate it if i had to keep such a big secret to myself. I'd feel like I'm betraying my family, friends, etc and mostly myself. She is so lucky. I wish I had a magical gift like Tanya. Did you know Tanya is a Russian name for Fairy Princess? I mean how cool, utterly cool is that? Why do I always get stuck with boring names?

*sighs*...see how much I like your story? I even checked up name meanings... *sad me*...yes...I am... but anyways...your story is really cool...COULD YOU READ MY STORY? I would really like your opinion. It would mean a great deal...
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