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8/13/2005 c24 matt-is-my-sex-toy-yum
hey, plz write another chapter, this stories rilly good!
8/13/2005 c24 17Lady of romance world88
Hey! Wow! i wonder if Beth and Damon going to out together? How sweetly Conner and Tanya are together. Hurry update soon.
8/11/2005 c24 Little Farah
u really like to keep ur readers in suspense. HURRY up and write the next chapter i wanna see how the second plan goes. Keep up the excellent work.I'm not just saying cause ur my friend but because the story is actually excellent and isn't a typical story that people usually write, it's different.
8/4/2005 c24 sameera shygalkuwaitigaldarkangel
put some romance in mez make it love up lol lol Damon sounfd nice and suit beth

keep up the gud work

update soon

x missya
8/4/2005 c23 sameera
wicked chapter keep up the good work update soon... conner so sweet to tanya ah blessx
7/31/2005 c24 jagfo
well done mez, i no its a late review, but ive finally had the chance to read it all again properly, ive really enjoyed it, very bit!

thanx for writin it, its wcked! u go girl.

love jag
7/31/2005 c24 Arwentheelf
aww i was hoping theyd pull off the prank in this chapter... now i have to wait :(
7/26/2005 c24 2Mei1105
Cackle! Can't wait till the prank. Sounds fantastic. Update soon! :)
7/25/2005 c24 1queen-lala
aww this story is so sweet! and it's not like any other highschool romance that's for sure! i love it... update soon^_^
7/24/2005 c24 murfdurf22
yes!, beth has givin into damon, great, update soon
7/24/2005 c24 The 2nd Mrs de Winter
I can't wait for the prank, but somehow I think it's going to backfire. Tanya doesn't have the best luck. Well, update soon!

7/24/2005 c24 chez
great update, love these developments. i can't wait out for the next installment, this is one of the best stories i have read in a long time. keep up the good work.
7/24/2005 c24 4TaurusGirl7
update soon!
7/13/2005 c23 Chez
Great update with more of the stuff i like great storyline and character development can't wait for the update
7/13/2005 c23 2pinewarrior
wow, this story is great, i'm loving everything that's happening, lol. tanya should talk to conner more though?update!
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