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for Good or Bad

1/27/2009 c2 NarutoVixin
very nice keep working at it your doing well
3/20/2005 c2 7PirateGrrl
Ugh! Update! I love it.
3/4/2005 c2 1fbarlolken
Ooh... I can see that you might not update anytime soon... but it is excellant. I like the diologue, and the characters are intriguing.
8/8/2004 c1 Sheepie
Cute story, I really like this. I'm just hoping this isn't gonna be one where it takes them forever to get together, cause XD I want a lemon now! Gah, they sound like they would look so cute together. Lol. I love it, update soon! So cute, and I love how it's going!
8/7/2004 c1 Clayton Rhodes
Very nice, I like your writing style, and the way that you tell the story. I like al of the characters so far. It was a little hard to read at first, because so many characters were thrown in at once, but as soon as you get the personalities down, it will be a lot easier. I absolutely LOVE all of the names that you thought of, and the band thing is a really good idea. I also didn't see any misspellings, and the sentances flowed very well together. I like that. Keep it up, I am very excited to see how this turns out. Please, update soon, and often.

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