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10/31/2005 c1 5TCGanimefan357
4/29/2005 c1 lime215
thats sad you can deffinitly feel the pain there
11/2/2004 c1 169wantedINheaven
very nice... a few spelling errors, though!
8/28/2004 c1 morbid obession
This is really good I Like it a lot
8/13/2004 c1 5Blackout the Swordsman
In those first few lines your imagery was so well I could actually see the scenery. That rarely happens for me. I'm glad to see you're consistent with your style without ever getting boring. I'd say this poem shows a lot of improvement, even.
8/8/2004 c1 25Faerie Corpse
This one was pretty good but I still don't think it was one of your best. good job, though!
8/8/2004 c1 depressed elf
Very good and interesting to read!

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