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8/12/2004 c4 firenzie1not logged in
just read the A/N, aw, thankish you :) you've been a great supporter with my writing, too (without you my story, you know which, wouldn't have got past page 5)
8/11/2004 c4 19firenzie1
cool chapter, forgive me for my blatant ignorance, but what just happened to her? (when she was all just sitting there and stuff). Anyways, cool chapter :D
8/11/2004 c3 firenzie1
ok, not really a review, but sorry about that thing in the second review, you can't review the same chapter twice. *is a ditz lol* oh yeah, and don't anybody flame this cause it's cool and if people flame, igonore them :D
8/11/2004 c3 firenzie1
me again. Totally cool chapter. Cool kids, too. Still wanna hurt daddy-poo and you're still a cool writer.
8/11/2004 c2 firenzie1
hey it's me again (different name cause you can't review the same story twice with the same name). Totally cool chapter, once again. Very powerful story. Yeah, i wanna cut sometimes, just ain't got the balls (or the tools, all the razors are dull and we haev no knifes except the butterknifes). Anyways, away from me, like i said, totally cool story/chapter.
8/11/2004 c1 firenzie1
wow. Powerful. Wanna beat the crap outta daddypoo. You're a cool writer. Thanks for the review :)

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