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for I fear clowns, if you must know

1/17/2005 c6 38Perfect Bliss
Hello again... Study math, that was a nice one! I hate math by the way. This is a good chappie, is great to say that you won't let anyone or anything smash your dreams. You have to keep fighting to for what you want, and I also want to see sexy sexy rob thomas! Anyway... good work, keep it up!
1/8/2005 c5 HP
y no no voy a sign inear espero q aceptes rivius d gente con hueva ja mira ni quise escribir mi nick completo neway no se pq no habia un riviu mio en esta historia pero bueno mi riviu: esta chida el ultimo capitulo si el cinco sono demasiado personal es decir nada q ver con el dude o louise o ya ni me acuerdo como se llama pq no pusiste los nombres
1/7/2005 c5 Perfect Bliss
Hello there my loyal friend and reader. I wonder why I didn't started to read this story before, it's good, very well written and I think is much more personal than the other one. Is nice, the way you give your perspective about life, the way you talk about hypocresy and the real you. I like it! good work! keep it going ;)
8/23/2004 c3 Rach
HI!. intresting points there. um about the game thing me and my brother sometimes play cards and stuff but we can't get my mum and dad to play without someone calling my dad on the phone.
anywho I thought this was very well written
please update soon
see ya
8/17/2004 c2 Rach
HI!. well I hope you can laugh about this.
I remember looking in one of my old diarys which I wrote in 2002 and I laughed myself silly thinking "what an idiot" or "why did I do that for?"
hey maybe if you do have any old diary from donkey years maybe you could look though it and maybe you get what I mean.
anyway this was very well written
please update soon
see ya

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