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4/17/2005 c9 38Perfect Bliss
When you called me I though "Hell Yeah! I have to turn on my computer right now and go read her chapter" This was fucking brilliant! I mean you are a fucking genius! and hell the author's note was fucking awesome... but... great great writer? I'm flattered :D... So yeah today it's my fucking birthday! and this is the fucking best present you could give me (along with the Oliver's presents, and your fucking amazing friendship) I fucking love this story! and this chapter oh god- it was so nice! I like the fact you used a Third Eye Blind and a Jimmy Song! and a part of a poem of that fucking hot guy call Clyde!Anyway I have to go or my father is going to fucking kill me! but please update fucking soon!I fucking love you... not like Ale Mosi of course... lolBye bye YOur Fucking awesome friend MarianaP.s. The word of the day: Fucking!
3/28/2005 c8 Perfect Bliss
Brilliant! you are a genious! a genuine and funny genious lol! I love the way you write I love your characters! I love your story! well I can't complain it was worth the wait. It's awesome keep it up as soon as you can.By teh way poor Emi... stupid Priam he is so selfish, but I like him just the same lol.
3/24/2005 c7 nala
just to let you know, new zealand is the biggest hole on the face of the earth, but we have the best music - hear some goodshirt, pluto, shihad (the band formarly known as pacifier, formerly known as shihad), goldernhorse (who are really good), black seeds, and salmonella dub. NZ music rocks, the country doesn't (we all say this, its because we all want to leave - as the old cartoon says: last one out of NZ please turn off the lights)

am enjoying your story, please continue - i just had to let out some steam here
3/20/2005 c1 3R. Corcoran
Great story. I love the characters, and how you develop each one so deeply. I must admit I'll be waiting for the next chapter... eagerly, yes, that's it: eagerly. hehe, anyways, see you later.

PS: Me llegó el mail de tus fics hace poco. Tal vez te deje adivinar quien soy, mwahahaha... o mejor te digo: soy reny.
3/17/2005 c2 38Perfect Bliss
Hallo! I haven't reviewed this chappie! okay this is one of the greatest stories ever! but I have to tell you something really serious about it; YOU NEED TO UPDATE! you are killing me of curiousity. lol! anyway you are AWESOME YOu are the greatest friend ever! LUV YA1 (In a good way of course lol). Anyway I have to go to make this extra BORING credit, wish me luck! your friend MARS BARP.s. YOu are an amazing writer and friend
1/15/2005 c6 Perfect Bliss
WOWW! Congratulations! this is the best chapter you had ever write, and let me say that all of them are amazing. It has Everything to be a perfect chapter; it's funny, intriguing, sad, real, poetic. God! This is one of the best things I had read on this site. You have a great potential for writing. I hope you keep with the good work! You are not only a great writer but friend! you kick ass! thanks a lot for everything.your friendMariana
12/18/2004 c5 Perfect Bliss
Hello there. Thanks for reviewing my stories and thanks for the authors note, I really like this chapter and this story is really funny haha I hope you update sooner though. I like Emi he is funny, and is Priam falling finally for Louise? God please update soon!Bye bye your friend mars bar
10/4/2004 c4 Mariana
Hey you! haha I read your review... some of the characters are ficticious.. like... JOEL :( Anyway I'm willing to meet him any time soon :).
This chapie is great! what is priam going to do? Is he finally going to leave his macho ego and tell louise how he feels.
God you torturate me saying you will post this chappie for three weeks or more.
Hope you post the fifth after ElizaBITCH leaves us another work.
By the way... I'm willing so much to go to the museum with the school... Nothing personal... Just *Cof* John *Cof*
Bye your friend
mars bar
9/11/2004 c3 Mariana
Yay! you finally update it! so cool! is really funny and great... I know who you are talking about when you say "pink haired guy" jaja.
I hope that you update the next chapter soon! How demandant I've become? lol! well, I see you on monday take care
your friend
mars bar.
9/11/2004 c1 Perfect Bliss
Parra please update your story. Is quite good even if you keep telling it isn't. Is funny and lets be honest... Priam is just so like... like, you know like who haha.
Well I have to go, take care, and update soon. Your friend
mars bar
8/16/2004 c1 Hawaiian Poshi
Ja creiste q no iba a encontrar la historia buena cof bruno cof. Esta chida, la otra tbn pero como q el primer chappie no t dice mucho, asi q sigue escribiendo hmm y si algun dia se me ocurre empezar un round robin t avisare (jaja sabes q se me antoja pero me da hueva y pienso q suckeo como escritora)

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