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3/29/2009 c20 9Tempre's Twilight
awesome story! and i'm so pleased that there is one going over Kevin (?) and Seth is so sweet, cause i was hoping there would be more than that :)
5/30/2008 c20 xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

wow. really really great story :D

so great that i've been reading it instead of revising for my end-of-year History exam.

i can't wait to read more of you're stuff, you're a talented author :)
7/9/2006 c20 AWorldAtMyFingertips
Yay! Greatness! I loved it all! Aw, I love Elijah and Gabriel. I'm sad it's all done though! :(

Great work though :)
7/9/2006 c16 AWorldAtMyFingertips
OMG! I'm so engrossed I can barely tear myself away to review...I'm sad it's nearly finished! :( Ahh well I still have a few chapters to read... I really Gabriel! He's a cool character and Elijah's just so sweet.

Great Job!
7/9/2006 c11 AWorldAtMyFingertips
Hehe, I liked this chapter! Lol. Very good!
7/9/2006 c6 AWorldAtMyFingertips
Uh-oh! O_o
7/9/2006 c5 AWorldAtMyFingertips
OMG! Wow I'm finding it hard to find what to say about this...but I definately like this story! Very Good so far...the occasional missing word but that's okay since the story is so good!
7/9/2006 c2 AWorldAtMyFingertips
Very good :) Poor Jay...but I think I like him, I think...
7/9/2006 c1 AWorldAtMyFingertips
Hehe, very interesting beginning. Lol. I'm too giggly to think of anything more to write so...

Um, I like this :)
4/20/2006 c20 2let me scream my heart out
excellet story
3/27/2006 c20 7Maris. S
Heyo there love! I'm so sorry that it took me so long to review the final chapters for this story! I hope that you can forgive me! I love the way that this all ended! Annet didn't go too psych and she didn't physically hurt either of them! Well save for Eli...But at least he was able to recover! And there's nothing better than hott m/m make up sex! ^^ Sometime guys have it so lucky... well the gay ones anyway...

Too bad that this is the end! I was raelly hoping to get some more info on Kevin and Seth! But it's all okieso! I'll set my imagination to work!

Great story love ^^
3/13/2006 c20 28Hate In The Form Of Passion
Eekles! I hope you started it already! *goes to check*!
3/13/2006 c19 Hate In The Form Of Passion
SO SAD! IT'S OVER! But the Sethyness is next! That was a hot ending, though. ^~
3/7/2006 c20 1Prisoner-11
Lol. 'Joe as in I-sleep-with-my...' Yes, I love that part. The best part of comedy is tie ins, and on going jokes.
3/5/2006 c1 98ShadowGal
That was absolutely a horrible thing to have happen... but also very, very hot. *shakes her head and keeps reading*
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