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for How I Met the Love of My Life

5/15/2005 c1 2Lukertin
Was this supposed to be a one-shot go? The end is lackin, but the start was good though you have some formatting issues. :D

And we'll be the judge of how much of your writing has too many clauses and seem to be run-on while really really long and grammatically complicated yet somehow correct. :)
3/12/2005 c1 2BKGal-24
Is this a true story? I'm trying to expand my vocabulary and use words besides "cute" and "sweet." I like "how we met" stories. Someone should write a book and fill it with "how we met" stories (in fact...someone probably already has.)I really wanted to thank you for taking the time AGAIN (lol) to read my story. The first time around, you're right, I tried to stick with a genre, but I wasn't being true to myself or to what I REALLY wanted to communicate. I'm so thankful that you understood and left me such a nice review. And I literally laughed out loud about the hoe biscuit comment! Yeah...I didn't like it either, but for some reason it seemed right to include it in his downward spiral. Anyway, sorry I'm mentioning all this in a review about your lovely piece of work, but you have no email posted! Thanks again! Are you still writing? I think I caught up on Kevin and Arianelle, but it's been awhile...

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