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for Mas Rok: Noble Slave

8/9/2005 c1 2temblance
"Schwarz, I hate to say it. Yet I'm just as eager to end this as they are." That was a good line. My favorite, I think.

Well, I chose this story becuase it said it was in a time long before the others, and I'm one who likes to start at the beginning of things. So, I look forward to reading more.
4/11/2005 c1 7Fire of ice
I really like this. You do fight scenes very well (I'm trying my hardest not to be jealous). All I can say is, I really wish I knew who won the fight... I'm pretty sure I know who did, but I'm probably missing some foreshadowing that I should have picked up on.

It's a really good read, all in all.
8/16/2004 c1 Lielay
Very interesting. I like your use of words and your new language you used. It makes the story so much more interesting. Well, I'm going to go read you other works now.

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