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5/28/2005 c5 2remmyalamode
I read your other one (November Rain), and now this one. This one is much more mature, like her reference to how it felt like he was holding her down and how he just need some type of power thing. Its very good. Please keep writing. ~Wisdoms
12/8/2004 c1 Kiddo24
yay! it's been updated. Keep up the good work, I really love these November Rain stories.
11/11/2004 c4 2amateur-writer
I like the old and revised version of this story. Update soon.
10/1/2004 c4 1sfun
this is much edgier than november rain...but i still like it...
update soon
8/20/2004 c1 19scary miss mary
I've just read November Rain. It was quite disappointing that you left it where you did. However, I'm sure this version will be better. I'm gonna trot off to read this now.
8/19/2004 c4 HeyKiddo
I am so thrilled that this story is being revived after all this time, it's really made my day. I love this new up-dated version, the tone is so different and mature. Keep up the fantastic work.
8/17/2004 c4 7enchanted muse
I'm glad to see you're back. Honestly, I like the old version of November Rain better than this one, but it's good to see that you've grown as a writer and are willing to rewrite this story. I'm sure it will eventually turn out better than the former one. good job.
8/17/2004 c4 11Never Knows Best
I'm so glad you're doing something with this story. I fell absolutely in love with November Rain, so I was thrilled when I saw this author alert in my inbox! Things seem to be moving very vast in thsi new version, but I like the style. More dramatic.
Anyway, continue please!
8/17/2004 c4 2lebronzgrl09
I love this story so far! I think Brandon is soo confused and Audrey knows exactly what she wants which is completely weird because he's older or whatever. But anyway, I LOVE it, keep writing!
8/16/2004 c2 29Heather Drake
Sizzling stuff here. I really want to know how this turns out. I found one mistake in the Intro. You forgot a word in the second to last paragraph "Everybody just me for what I looked like ".
Keep up the good work and update soon!

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