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12/29/2004 c9 Helenat
Courtney's gone home? But what about Simon? I'm so glad she's well again! I hope she meets up with Simon once more! Ian seems like such a nice guy..Great chapter!
12/29/2004 c8 Helenat
Good for Simon! Jon finally got what he deserved! It was so predictable that he would be caught cheating. He's such a horrible guy! Poor Courtney! I hope she's ok... good chapter!
12/29/2004 c7 Helenat
Ug. This chapter made me hate Jon! He's so over-protective and jealous. And Courtney hasn't broken up with him yet! The only bad thing I can think of so far, is maybe that they are acting too mature for their age.
12/29/2004 c6 Helenat
Poor Simon! He must be really gutted right now... Good chapter! Jon's evil side is coming out at last, I see.
12/29/2004 c5 Helenat
Damn! She kissed him! She'd meant to fall in love with Simon! Although Jon's charming ways seem to be getting to me...
12/29/2004 c4 Helenat
Seems like Courtney is a very lucky girl. Not many people I know are that pretty and also that lovely and kind at the same time. Just be careful it doesnt get too unrealistic. This is going great so far!
12/29/2004 c3 Helenat
Once again I cant do questions 1 and 2 so I'll just answer the other two. My favourite character would probably either be Courtney or Simon. Or possibly Kim or Haighley. I only have one problem with this chapter. You arent mentioning the other friends at all anymore. Only Lauren, Joe, Simon, Kim and Haighley. Good job, keep it up!
12/29/2004 c2 Helenat
I think its adorable that Simon and Courtney have already hit it off so well. Their friendly mocking is a really great idea. I way prefer Simon to Jon! And since you've probably already written the dance chapter I wont answer the second question. My only advice so far is probably to not introduce so many new things/people at once. It can get slightly confusing.
12/29/2004 c1 Helenat
This is an extremely good start to this story. I am writing a romance story currently and this will be a good story for me to compare with. Good start, keep going and I'll read your next chapters now.
12/28/2004 c10 Dina R
wen will she meet simon? well, re-meet or w/e. n how will they react to one another? i hope things go well thou. i've never (Thank God) lost a parent but i can understand how bad it hurts. good chapter. update a lil sooner this time thou. i thought i was gonna die b4 u updated this thing. lol.
12/27/2004 c10 Ebonyflame
i love the chapter. poor Courtney is not having a very good time is she? i hope she'll be able to talk to Simon againhint hint lol really good can't wait for the next chapter! Merry Christmas!
12/25/2004 c1 AndieFlower
Hey, tis me again! MG I am completly into this fic now! POOR COURTNEY! I want her 2 meet Simon again! I wonder if hes changed 2... Update as soona s u can, im burstin 2 know! Merry Christmas 2 u 2! Hope it waz a good 1!
12/10/2004 c9 AndieFlower
Wow updates! I been visiting my Auntie in FLorida so i couldnt read them until last night. OMG she left! I LOVE SIMON! Poor guy! make it happy again... lol Great story!
11/28/2004 c9 Ebonyflame
*blinks* *blinks again* SHE LEFT? NO! what about Simon! well.. fine i guess i'll just have to wait and see what happens *sigh* lol great chapter! well i certainly hope you don't get run over by a bus! that would be kinda depressing!:(no but seriously great chapter, great story. do update soon! i can't wait to see what happens next!:D
11/25/2004 c9 Dina R
NO! NO! AAH! U CAN'T SEPERATE COURTNEY N SIMON! plz! they belong together! i swear im gonna have a heart attack any moment here. wut bout hailey n lauren n kim n everyone? they cant be seperated from Courtney either! ahh! this chapter just killed my joy bubble. ima go cry hysterically in the corner now.
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