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11/14/2004 c8 Ebonyflame
OMG! you have to continue this story! right away! i can't wait to see what happens next! wicked awesome
11/14/2004 c8 17Lady of romance world88
Oh my god, I can't believe Jon was so jerk. All his fault that made Courtney. Thanks goodness, Simon rescued her to hospital. I hope she's be ok. Hurry update soon.
11/9/2004 c7 Dina R
i want Courtney to end up w/ Simon. plz make sure they do and soon. plz? super plz? lol. great story btw.
11/9/2004 c8 Dina R
ahh! i love ur story! im hooked now. plz update! im dying here, u gotta let me know what happens next. im a big fan afterall. lol. AWSOME story. plz update as soon as possible!
9/27/2004 c7 Lady of romance world88
I can't believe Jon is jealous of Simon and Courtney were close friends. I can't believe Jon and Simon had fight over same girl. I wonder why Courtney like Jon and Simon dislike him but think Jon will hurt Courtney one day. Poor Courtney. Hurry update soon.
9/26/2004 c7 AndieFlower
Yay another chapt! The fight in this chapt was good! It added lots of drama. I love this story! Plz update soon!
9/26/2004 c7 AndieFlower
Yay another chapt! The fight in this chapt was good! It added lots of drama. I love this story! Plz update soon!
9/26/2004 c7 freak
hi, i like ur story, keep writting, update soo, i think court should break up with jon for some stupid reason in the necxt chapter so that simon could make a move
any way have fun writting
update soon
great story
great for ur first romance anyway..
9/25/2004 c7 10ibjuicen
Yeh well, this chapter wasn't so bad cause of the whole fighting part. That was a plus and the whole action thing too. So I think I'll give this one um...an 8? or a 7.9. either one. But not bad...^_^
9/19/2004 c6 5fresianlady
gr boo hiss on jon! i like simon! hes so sweet it totally reminds me of me and my best guy friend. . .ya well update soon!
9/18/2004 c6 10ibjuicen
aww...so short...well tell the truth is better than lying. but so much love...hehehehe...well i'd rate this chapter an 8ish cause I like the whole truth thing with simon but it would've been a 10 if the truth came out! hahahahaha
anytime for review...:D
9/18/2004 c6 AndieFlower
Kewl fic! Courtney sounds so pretty and Simon is great! I hope you update soon, I'm DYING to hear the next chapter.
9/5/2004 c5 ibjuicen
This chapter wasn't that boring but not too much of excitment either. I'd give it a 7 if it was a rate from 1-10. But anywys. Keep it up...^^
9/4/2004 c5 Fauve Lavonne
I hope Jon's bad side shows up soon, or i'm going to fall for his seemingly perfection too. hee hee
9/2/2004 c2 Jade
i think your story's great! i love the way you use people you know. just one thing: i found it a bit confusing with all those characters; i kept having to check back to see who everyone was! but you did a really good job on the descriptions.
oh yeah, your questions.
1) definitely Simon! i can't resist any guy with green eyes!
2) well, he is a player, but maybe it'll make Simon jealous?...
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