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8/17/2004 c1 liz
if she lives in NYC, Haighley wouldn't say 'mates'. That's an english thing. Courtney would probably say it since she's from Wales.
8/17/2004 c1 1Malignant Spirit
Awesome story mate! Chapters are right length and I really like the way you described everyone. Helps with picturing them in my mind. Anyway, you said she had a loud personality.. Didn't really see that come out, but that may be because it wus da first day of school. Although, after she met her friends, she could have been her normal self... hm... I am trying to think of anything else... Well thats all I can think of...
UPDATE SOON! *giggles* ok well must go scare some 3rd graders.
8/17/2004 c1 12Thorpedosgal
Great story. I enjoyed every word of it! Please r/r one of my stories!
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