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9/27/2004 c1 23vintage fade
Very good. I enjoyed this, and was surprised with the ending. I figured she was running from someone who was chasing her... I enjoyed it. Good writing, good feeling, good point. Especially love the last line. It was powerful.
8/19/2004 c1 13NuttyGummy
Oh my goodness! I loved it. Wonderful!
8/19/2004 c1 41Stefen
Brilliant Sophie darling! I love it!
8/18/2004 c1 6Goldensong
Weird, but I like it! Yay for you!
8/18/2004 c1 4bfmusashi
wow, you live in zealand? thats really cool, at least to me, cuz i always wanted to go there. :)
anyway this is pretty impressive, even though its short. you create a good, paranoia-ish kind of atmosphere with only a few paragraphs...and ur last sentence for the whole thing sums it all up perfectly. nice.

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