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8/26/2004 c3 Rondo
Nice! I like it a lot. Keep writing!
8/22/2004 c2 Laura Leigh
*GRIN* i really think this is rather unique, writing it in journal form, but i wish the chapters were longer. But you update so fast it makes up for it, it takes me forever to update im horrible... WRITE MORE! its a demand do it and your cool! ^_^
8/22/2004 c2 S. K. Daviston
I have only two things to say about this
You are absolutely incredible!
Your writing is amazing, and you've got me hooked. (ok, maybe the things)
~S. K. Daviston
8/21/2004 c2 4Sable2117
Okay, I'm not very good at writing reviews. I tend to madly compliment the writer and offer nothing vaguely helpful. Here I go. That was excellent. You've captured my attention, you captured my attention in the first chapter, which isn't easy because I'm impatient and easily distracted. I really want to know who Zara is, what she looks like, etc. I'm assuming that it's in the past, you might want to clarify that. I'm dying to know about the stranger, Laura's right, it's hot!
Hm...okay I just read that and I know I sound like a total ditz, sorry. Keep writing, I really want to know what happens.
8/19/2004 c1 3Laura Leigh
This story struck my attention. Its very well written... ok i cant be serious i tryed... it was hott... hehe but seriously i liked it and would like to read some more! WRITE MORE! ^_^

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