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for Cheeseburger in Christmas Tights

4/27/2005 c1 teagen
*Dances in background* Too bad we never did sign up for the show. WE would have been stars!
1/17/2005 c1 The Gnome
That was so funny! I'm just trying to imagine a Cheeseburger in tights, let alone Christmas ones. It is a very funny sight. Very funny.
1/9/2005 c1 Me
All I can say is... FREAKING HILARIOUS!
11/26/2004 c1 22fadedrainbows
Hmm. I must say, you must be an amazingly interesting person to meet.. *looks around* yes... interesting.. LoL. Naw, really, this was funny. :)~*~Faded~*~
9/21/2004 c1 Psycho AT
Good, good! I liek that you posted the real song so there is no possible way of plagerism. JB is the bomb! GO JIMMY! Go crazy re-makes of songs! yay!
8/25/2004 c1 One of your physco friends again
Again, it ROXD MY SOX! lol. You are an AWESOME writer my good friend, one to rival the greats! You and my other friends (the garbage singing ones) Should do a CD! THAT WOULD BE AWESOME!
8/20/2004 c1 234The Moribund Marionette
I can see you're a Jimmy Buffet fan..
LOL. That sounded very stupid because it was so obvious. :)
Anyway, this was funny enough. I'm not usually the one to look at food as a funny thing (I loathe and despise it), but this made me chuckle. I can tell you for sure that my stuff isn't like this...
Not at all...LOL.
Keep up the creative work!

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