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4/3/2012 c20 2pretitiful
I have to say, the update gave me a fright cause I thought you actually updated! HAHA but I figured it wasn't a chapter but a notice and thank you for the notice. It was nice of you to update us all and to show us your love for us fans :) And to give us your reasons. I mean, you didn't have to write all this and explain, you could have just left but the fact that you did, well, it means a lot so thank you :)

This story will always be one of my favourite story on Fictionpress and it the story that got me to continue reading on Fictionpress. Thank you for the great story and best of wishes for your future. Hopefully we'll see a published novel of yours in the store's shelves one day :)
4/3/2012 c20 3fairy pwincess
Hey! First of all welcome back (kinda)! It's good to hear from you after so long, even if it is only an author's note. Weirdly enough, I haven't been on this site in so long as well, but yesterday for some reason, I decided to be nostalgic and re-read some previously enjoyed stories on here including yours. And I remember thinking gosh it's been quite a while since we last got an update and then I wake up today to find that there has been a update of some sort - talk about coincidence!

I can see where you're coming from, in terms of writing styles etc. I even cringe at reading back old reviews I'd left for previous stories. Obviously the stuff we wrote 5 years ago is completely different to the stuff we write today and I yes perhaps the first few chapters have room for improvement but I think the thing that attracts everyone to your story is the characterisation. Everyone fell in love with your portrayal of Neely, Chris and of course Devon and its this that made All Along so popular.

Anyway I think I'll stop here before I end up writing a novel-length comment. Congrats on graduating and getting a job etc. Hope everything is going well for you. And good luck with trying to write and publish your book. Here's hoping we hear from you in a few years time with good news that you are now a famous and published author :)
4/3/2012 c20 2book-geek
I am really very glad that you took the time to write this note. I myself have not been on FP much anymore because all of the authors I followed have stopped posting and I have been too lazy to find new stories. It is wonderful to see that you really took this seriously and wanted to tell everyone about yourself and what has happened :) if you do ever publish a book I hope that you let us all know because I would definitely read it! Good luck with your job and writing :)3
4/3/2012 c20 Marie
Well, that makes me want to cry. I'm the same age you are and I started reading this story when I was in 7th grade and wow, I'm sad i might never get an ending to it. Seriously.

But I guess I understand where you are coming from. Doesn't mean I have to like it though. Just don't forget completely about writing. Even if it isn't this story you get published, we want to read your work.
4/3/2012 c20 TopazOwl
I started reading All Along when I was in middle school (possibly in my freshman year of HS). The world Neely and Devon lived in was a place where I could escape to when my own little orbit was chaotic. I celebrated every e-mail that appeared in my inbox to tell me that there was a new chapter. All Along shaped my view of HS and teenagers and was a big part of my "Internet YA literature" at that age. No amount of grammatical errors could ever take away the enjoyment I felt reading All Along.

I sincerely wish you the best of luck with your writing endeavors. Never give up. Let the story consume you. Write. I am definitely looking forward to purchasing your book.
4/3/2012 c20 6xFaithandTrust33
So, I have to admit I was pretty let down to only see an author note after receiving an email that you updated, but after reading it, I understood.

We must have been around the same age when you started writing this story and I started reading it. It's pretty fascinating that two kids from opposite sides of the country can connect these days and age through the Internet.

Anyways, I enjoyed growing up with you and Neely. And this story will be greatly missed but always remembered!

Good luck with your book and I hope one day I will be able to pick it off the shelf and read it!
4/3/2012 c20 Racquet
Forever it's been. The funny part is, I remember this story, but not the plot line-I remember feeling happy when reading it-I think that's better than actually remembering what happened. A feeling is so much more powerful.

I'm from Chicago actually and my second college choice was U of I. I ended up at Colorado State instead. Now I'm twenty one and graduating next year. God! It goes by so fast.

Thanks for letting us all know what was going on and I hope that you are having the time of your life living downtown. I hope you find your own love someday and I hope that you finally write that fantasy book you've been wanting to write. Good bye and good luck!

- Raq
4/3/2012 c20 Acollin
Wow, surprised to hear from. I understand life interferring especially college. FP was on the back burnr for my college years. I don't even use the emal address my FP notifications go to. I just so happened to check it today and saw this notification. Man, I immediately said "what the freak! Is she serious? It's been way too long!" Lol. Good luck with life. I'll be emailing you soon.my email address will b smilar to the anon name up ime because I forgot my FP login lol.
4/3/2012 c20 iamMontague
When I saw an update for this story, my eyes bugged out. I just didn't expect to hear from you again. Thank you for the update. I almost feel embarrassed to say that while you were away from fictionpress with college life, I was still reading stories on it (even with my college life).

Good luck with publishing. I'll be sure to get a copy if it ever does come out. Thank you for providing one of the best/most popular FP story out there.
4/3/2012 c20 mareecee
Wow! That alert in my inbox did surprise me... it has been so long.

Completely understand what it is like when you start university and work and whatever else. Time does become scarce and inevitably you do need to give some things up.

Thank you so much for sharing your writing on fictionpress and thankyou also for this AN. (So many writers stop writing without a word and it is nice of you to have taken the time to come back and leave this message for us all.)

Good luck with you life now and I wish you the best!
4/3/2012 c6 blissful life
no offense but I really don't like Gabrielle. So snobby and all..

hahah, but I do love the story! :)
4/3/2012 c20 2Daddy's Little Peach
Ahhh, I'm sad I won't get to read the end of this! I must admit, my jaw did drop when I got the notification that this had been updated, but I had a feeling that it would be a note rather than a chapter - I know how hard it is to pick up where you've left off, especially when it's been so long!

However, thank you for actually giving an explanation. I hate it when people just put 'abandoned' and there's no reason wht!

Best wishes with your writing!

Mish xx
4/3/2012 c20 sealednectar
Wow, this is the end of an era. When I saw the notification for this, my jaw literally dropped. I followed All Along from when I was a teenager because I love it. I fell in love with the characters. I still love this story. I understand that it makes you cringe to read it now, but I'm nearly the same age as you, so I was just one teenager reading another teenager's story- just loving the awesome story, not cringing.

I don't really come on FictionPress anymore. All my favourite writers from when I was a teenager are gone. I don't stay up excitedly until the early hours of the morning waiting for and reading updates here anymore.

I wish this had been an update but I understand how you feel about All Along. I am happy that you updated us on your situation and am glad your life is going well.

I KNOW we'll see great things from you in the future! Please keep us updated!:D

4/3/2012 c20 CharmedbyFire
When I saw this in my inbox I thought holy moly there's a blast from my past! I read this years ago! I still remember bits and pieces from this story and I remember being totally absorbed into it while I was. Thankyou for it and thankyou for finding the time to give us a bit of an update about how your life is now. If you ever write anything sci-fi or fantasy (which I LOVE) I would definitely want to go out and buy it. I loved these character's so much I'm sure thousands of of your reader's will be getting a suprise when they check their emails soon, this story has been a part of so many people's lives :D
4/3/2012 c20 4Love is a Ring Toss Game
haha, the update almost gave me a heart attack! It has been so long. I am glad you are doing well! I loved ALL ALONG- Was it based on Our Lady Peace's "4am" song? I've been dying to know that. I honestly don't remember when I found your story, I don't remember very much about it, but I do remember loving every minute and not cringing at the grammar because I was so enveloped in the tale. I do remember loving Neely and Chris a whole ton and being very sad not to have the tale finished. The best thing is that I know it ends right in the end for them. We might never know it in written format but sometimes you can tell a lot based of the beginning and the middle! I remember cherishing every moment of those and that's how I know it ends well! Take care!
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