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5/13/2016 c5 9charlene171990
In real life if I were her, although flattered to have 2 guys looking out for me so much, I would be PISSED! Like beyond pissed! She's a senior. They're twins. What makes it so he can go to those parties and be the way he is and she can't even go to a party with a date?! Chris had said that she should be at home. Well fuck him! She can go out and live her life too. I understand they care, but wtf? I would be SO mad. I probably wouldn't speak to them for a week after Chris and I got into a screaming match. Haha
5/13/2016 c4 charlene171990
Devon! Devon! Devon! _
5/13/2016 c3 charlene171990
Love it! 3
I really hope this story is finished...I can't fall in love with another story only for it to have ended with a forever cliff hanger. UGH PLEASEEEE BE FINISHED
5/5/2016 c1 Guest
I Hope This Story's Gon'be Reading Over Worthy
2/10/2016 c1 sejlaazuko
Hi! I really like your story and I would like to ask you something. Could I use this story to translate it on Wattpad ? I'm from Switzerland and I would like to translate it in German, if it's okay... This would be great and I really like your story! Of course are all rights reserved and I would certainly mention you in this book.
I look forward to an early reply.
(Sorry if my English is not correct.)

Yours faithfully,
12/24/2015 c20 1Du
Hi. I apologise in advance for the length of this, but this review is probably long overdue. I started reading this story when I was what you Americans would call a freshman, about 14-15 years old... I am now 24. I can't tell you enough how much this story meant to me all throughout high school. It was so well written, it was so sweet... This story was part of my teenage years. Back then I was definitely one of the unpopular nerdy kids. I would squeal with joy every time a new chapter was up and couldn't wait until I finished studying (I told you, nerd/geek or whatever you wanna call it, that was me) because it meant I had free time to enjoy reading this beautiful story. I loved Neely and I loved Devon, but it was more than just them. I loved Gabrielle Potter, she was probably my favourite character on this story, because parts of her reminded me of myself. I really liked how naïve Neely was, I loved how Chris could be really dumb, and I desperately wanted to be Devon's mystery girl. Then there was Steven, who constantly made me laugh because he reminded me of one of my best friends... And I just. I remember reading and re-reading your chapters. I never skimmed through anything, because I loved everything about it. I was so sad when updates started being scarce... I would read and reread my favourite parts of the story, so much that I almost knew them off by heart. But then I started drifting away from fictionpress... Maybe because I was growing up, life was changing, I was going away to college... In the end, I forgot about fictionpress and went on to strive at becoming something in life.
I am now about five months away from finishing med school and becoming a doctor. Lucky for me this year I only have shifts, shifts and more shifts in between which I must squeeze some work on my thesis... But the thing is, I have a lot of free time. I have board exams in May, but still it's nothing compared to all the studying I've done these past years. So I didn't know what to do with my free time, and for some strange reason I came back to fictionpress. I've been reading stories here and there, but All Along was always lingering in the back of my mind. I was positive you wouldn't have finished it, but still, I was drawn to it. I regretted not having reviewed all those years ago every time I read and reread your chapters. I was shy and self-conscious back then and couldn't help but lurk in the shadows. So I came back. I've spent the last two-three days re-reading this story, and despite being older now, I loved it all the way through. Knowing I was getting closer to the last chapters was just... Gah. I actually think those last two or three chapters I had never read, because I didn't remember them. But anyway, the thing is I re-read the story almost 10 years later, and I still loved it with all my heart. I cried when I came to the end, because it brought back so many memories from such a long time ago, and I just... Thank you.
Sorry for writing such a long thing and sorry for randomly rambling about my life, but I was just trying to convey how much this wonderful story meant to me. Thank you for writing this and for not taking it down despite it not being finished. THANK YOU!
I read you are trying to write an actual book and I want to wish you the best with that and anything else that may be going on with your life. You've made me really really happy today!
Feliz Navidad :)
12/10/2015 c19 Jordyn.Rhea
Although you never finished this story (a bit upset still)...thank you anyway for writing such an incredible story for us to enjoy.
11/26/2015 c20 theineffiblegenius
When you spend 8 hours binge reading a story only to find there's no ending:(
10/20/2015 c20 Guest
Will you ever finish All Along?
10/6/2015 c20 harshakuniyil
I love chris so much . I wish i have a brother like him.
8/4/2015 c14 Guest
neely what a bitch
8/4/2015 c13 Guest
i think steven's gay. neely needs to stop leading him on like that and just cut him loose.
8/4/2015 c8 Guest
A halter dress is not a skanky dress. Dear God, do you have a problem?
8/4/2015 c2 Guest
it's her obvi!
6/22/2015 c20 Anon
This story was seriously entertaining as hell to read and while I kinda knew it was incomplete I still couldn't help but read it anyway...I enjoyed reading it. There were many times when the story did move in a very bad directions such as your spelling of "hott" (good lord how that pissed me off so much), how f**king dense Neely was, how crazy protective Devon was (and NO ONE f**king knew he had the hots for Neely? Seriously? No boy's best friend is ever gonna protect his bestie's sister like that if he personally didn't have the hits for her!) and Chris being super overboard like 99% of the time...But it was all still such a joyride. I had smiled and laughed through the ridiculous antics you made the main characters go through...I loved every bit of it despite its flaws. And so I have reached the final chapter and read your note and was saddened that you've decided to discontinue it... I completely understand though as I too have lost interest in continuing with some of my fanfics...You've at least, written your readers a perfectly acceptable reason for your discontinued fic. Thank you for your silly yet brilliant characters. I enjoyed reading through your story through one whole day.
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