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2/15/2005 c6 6Mutinous Phantom
Cool, can't wait for the next chapter.

I think I understand why he is going out with Casey and who the mystery girl is, but I will not say in case I am wrong, lol.

NO STEVEN! He is just annoyingly annoying (lol, my vocabulary displayed there). If she goes out with him I might get pissed off a lot, lol.


2/15/2005 c6 2danglove
Great update! Woah! I can't believe that 'stupid' Devon still isn't setting things straight with Neely! Argh! hahahah...nah, I wasn't pissed. Hahahah! Casey is kinda mean...woah. Okies. Great update again! Can't wait to read more! And you should definitely start a new story...I'll be here waiting for it to be published.Haha~
2/15/2005 c6 3fairy pwincess
OMG neely and devon HAVE to get together in the next chappie. They just have to. And why the hell is devon going out with casey? why why WHY? Update soon plz and hapi valentines day (even though its a bit late) TTFN x ~*fairy pwincess*~ x
2/15/2005 c6 1crazily-misguided
Wow! Honestly it is pretty shity how Devon is treating Neely but i really feel sorry for him. Afraid of rejection from the one gil you truely care about has got to be tough on him. I just wish that she would open her eyes!So update soon cos i can't wait, it's just getting so interesting.p.s. Chris and Gabrielle's relationship reminds me of one of my guy friends and me. except we eventually stop being bitches to each other...but we start up again.
2/15/2005 c6 hedwigisnotdead
Aw my gawd!Neely and Devon HAVE HAVE HAVE to know in the next chappie!

I'm going to die of pain if they dun know soon...devon's so cute by the way ;)
2/14/2005 c6 SweetDreams
Devon, Devon, Devon! I like Steven...but he's not Devon. Those two were made for each other. Anyway, get the next chapter out soon?
2/14/2005 c6 2siwonsiwon
DID I MENTION THIS STORY IS ONE OF MY FAVS! ITS WONDERFUL! I love the relationship between Devon and Neely! It's adorable! Stupid Devon...so stupid! =) HAHA KEEP IT UP!
2/14/2005 c6 9ludicrouscow
rEAlly hope you update soon! Love the story! ^^
2/14/2005 c6 6Estelle Stafford
Please update soon! I love it!
2/14/2005 c6 lacey
ok i have to say i love your story..i really want neely to get with devon though! instead of steven she should get with devon!
2/14/2005 c6 inafairytalex
aweomse awesome awesome aweomse story! i love it! and i love devon! (i feel so bad for him...) and even tho he's goin out with this casey girl, i am still a proud lover-of-his , hah.. anywayz, i am soo looking foward to the next chap. (this was a long one...i loved it, lol) and i cant WAIT to see what happens between devon and neely! Keep up the great writing
2/14/2005 c6 7shylilgurlie
I want Neely to end up with Devon so badly. Seriously. But hey, thats just me. (But really, they need to get together). Steven is great really, but he's no Devon. Anyway, great great chapter. I'm dead tired but I saw you had update and I had to read it. :) Update again soon!

2/14/2005 c2 6Estelle Stafford
Oh my this is such a funny chapter, I really like it so far.
2/14/2005 c6 2BreeJalil
i love it! omg its great, please please please update soon! i can't wait!
2/14/2005 c6 22Mi.Ishi
Omigod, I absolutely adore this. I mean, this is such an awesome story. Extremely well written (although there are the occasional typos, and the word or two that gets accidentally left out), and extremely good characters, and extremely good plot. Very thorough in most things, but there are parts that are slightly lacking in clarity. But I can't wait to see what happens. I love all the characters in this a LOT. I hate Casey...she sounds like quite a few girls at MY school...gr...and I'm the little sister and big sister to pretty popular kids too.Awesome. Please, PLEASE update ASAP!
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