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2/12/2015 c20 1MileyRowling
Great work!
1/9/2015 c19 MusicGurl8129
I just re-read this story after reading it for the first time a year ago. And while I noticed quite some mistakes in the writing, I still really enjoyed this story! There are things I wish were done better, maybe have Neely's personality a little more developed, and I wish we got more Devon/Chris scenes of them just being friends, showing their bond. Then another thing I noticed was Devon's temper. That got a little out of control a times and he would get so jealous in the first half of the story it was sort of weird to see him as the calm and collected guy. Personally, I would love if that could have been corrected or changed.
I really did (do) love this story, while it has the cliche falling for your brothers best friend storyline, you made your story unique, whch in the end to me is all that counts. I also love Chris & Gabby, I wish we had more of them, and a kiss (this time with both partners willing)!
Which is why it is sad this story hasn't been finished. I really wish this could be finished to know how it ends, but you have a life now, you are a grown adult, and for that I cannot hate you, or hold any dislike for you. You are just living your life. Which you have every right to do.
So that's why I make a summarized version of an ending up in my head (to put my heart to rest, I sometmes cannot take stories without an ending, makes me upset, lol), though compared to what you would of probably done it be less dramatic. Lol.
Anyways, I wish you good luck in your life of writing, and maybe one day I would be lucky enough to see this published and renewed, (I would love to read this on my kindle). Or just one of your fantasy novels! I am very intrigued to see what ideas you have! :)
11/18/2014 c3 2reindeeronesie
Steven by far but also Devon.
10/21/2014 c20 Casual Affair
Wow. I was just sitting in my lurky corner, reading this story, and I love it. The problem is, I just got slapped in the face. I do hope you eventually post another chapter, and soon. Let's not make it another 5 years? Just a suggestion. Can't wait to find out what happens! I shall eagerly await the day when you grace us with another chapter.
10/12/2014 c20 Guest
Please finish all along! 3
7/24/2014 c20 2bubublacz
Oh Goooddd.. This is sooo sad... I should have read this...
7/23/2014 c17 bubublacz
Oh my god! Steven is so sweettt! and i feel so bad for him.. felt like a sucker-punch when he said he waited until 3am too... gosshh.. But I'm still a Devon-Neely fan...
7/23/2014 c11 bubublacz
*grin across my face*
7/23/2014 c9 bubublacz
5/4/2014 c13 EmosettLKCL
Im so sad that you're not continuing this story. A lot of people are begging you to finish, me included! I love this story, it is by far one of the best! Its also one of my favourites!
I love Devons and Neelys intense relationship! Its soo cute.
I love Chris too, he's hillarious. I just realized that Gabrielle is Rachelle LeFevre!
Please continue, Im really hoping you will. I have hope that you will I mean its been 8 years!
5/2/2014 c20 buznuz1
I just wanted to drop you a line to say I've loved reading All Along. I feel like as I read it (over the course of maybe a week and a half for me, but obviously years for you) I could see you progress both stylistically and in the way you represented relationships and people. Its been an absolute blast, I'm Australia, but I've always had a bit of an obsession with American high schools and a dream to attend them once (I'm in my last year of high school though, so it seems unlikely). Are American high schools actually their hierarchical/dramatic? My grade only has 50 people in it, so none of the big 'popularity contest' stuff happens over here (which is good overall, but bad in terms of entertainment value :P). I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavours, and if you ever feel like revealing the ending, I'm more than happy to act as a soundboard :P ;) I've loved this whole story! Thank you and bets of luck in your new writing endeavours/professional career 3 Ellie
4/26/2014 c20 voidxtiles
I have to say I am pretty much disappointed that you are no longer continuing All Along. I was halfway through chapter 18 when I realized there were two chapters left. And one wasn't even a chapter. I realized that two chapters weren't enough for everything to be fixed. Two chapters were not enough for Gabby and Chris to get together, for Chris to learn about Dev and Neely's relationship, and to learn Shauna and everybody else's reactions. I knew you discontinued the story. But I still read on. I read on because All Along was a great story. And when I reached Chapter 20, I was upset to see that I was right about you discontinuing it. I had hoped at least that you'd leave it at a good point at which Gabby and Chris were together, and everybody knew about Devon and Neely's relationship and were okay with it. But I knew that would never happen. That would practically be an ending. And I'm upset at where you've left the story. Nothing much happened at Chapter 19 except that Gabrielle was warming up to Chris. I'm upset that you've never finished the story when, at the middle of the story, I told myself that I could deal with how dense and stupid Neely was as long as she and Devon get their happy ending. It's bothering me so much. You're probably thinking why I'm so upset over this. It's because I'm only 11 years old and I don't have much drama to distract me from how disappointed I am. I know its stupid, but I am young, after all. But I do know that I may forget about this little thing someday. I won't be upset anymore that you never updated, because I'll be too caught up with growing up, studying, and socializing. After all, nothing lasts forever. I know we all make different decisions as we grow up. That's why I want you to know that I respect your decision. I know you were once young, like me, and had your mind set on something, then you got caught up in everything, and BOOM, you were grown up and decided to go on with the more important things in life and let go of this story. I'm glad that you at least let us readers know why you won't be updating anymore instead of just leaving us hanging and wondering if you died or something. So, again, I want you to know that I respect your decision and if you ever decide to finish the story, I'll always be here, waiting for the happy endings I've always wanted for Gabby and Chris and Dev and Neely. :)

P.S. You said in your A/N at Chap 20 that, quote, "All Along will no longer be continued on fictionpress." Does that mean it will be continued somewhere else? XD Jk. Just me and my wishful thinking. But somewhere in the end though, you said, quote, "It might be a while until I finish All Along." Does that mean you do still plan on finishing the story?

P.P.S. I'm sorry if I didn't get the quotes right, I'm too lazy to go back and type down exactly what you said. XD

Goodbye! Have a good life! I REALLY HOPE ONCE YOU SETTLE DOWN YOUR ADULT LIFE, YOU WILL THINK OF ME, A HELPLESS 11 YEAR OLD GIRL, DESPERATE FOR THAT HAPPY ENDING. XD I love you so much, you're a great author. Hope you update soon!

Andie (my real name)

Oh I just realized I got my letter layout wrong. P.S.'s are supposed to be after the closing. And I even wrote more after the P.S.'s. Oh, well. My bad.
3/31/2014 c1 1twiinklex
It's 2014, please update T_T I'll not die in peace if I don't finish this story...
1/16/2014 c20 MusicGurl8129
Aw.. I's sad that you won't finished it... but as long as you continue it one Day, It's not to bad. I would love it if you turned it into a Book! Do the whole Story ALL over again, and maybe even make it better! Like make us sometimes question thinking Neely is the 'Mystery Girl'. It would be even better to have it as a Series, like this is the first Book, about Neely & Devon and a little of Chris & Gabby. Then the next Book could be about they're lives AFTER Neely & Devon come out to the Public, with the Drama coming with it. I mean Casey is going to put up a fight, and there's something going on with Steven (is he head over for Neely?) and as selfish and cruel as it may sound... I want to see Shauna's reaction to all of this... SO NEELY CAN SHOVE IT IN HER FACE. Hehe. Which is cruel, but come on.. I mean she had it coming xD
Look what you did KNE/Darlene! You've screwed me up! No I'm not blaming this one on you, just for pure amusement. You inspire me you know, I mean I really, REALLY want to put a Story out there of mine but they are never full or I'm never sure if they're good enough, plus I'm not a very good Writer. But, People have told me I write with passion, and 'Hey!' what's the point of writing when you have no passion right ? Which connects the dots to how I fully understand how you have previously said that you can only write motivated. Anyways, you have inspired me because, like you said you were in Middle School and the first few Chapters... weren't your best. I admit, they kind of sucked. BUT, I saw a Story, that intrigued me. So I read along (which was like 2 days ago. I'm a passionate Newbie..) and I loved it, you're writing, you're Characters, EVERYTHING got better. Which is how you have inspired me, I mean right now I want to write a Story about falling for you're Best Friends Brother who is Hot, popular and is in love with you but you're to dang DENSE to see it. But, I'm one who doesn't like Copyright.. but If I did, it wouldn't be anything LIKE you're Story, probably more Drama. I breathe it like air to be honest. Just saying. Either way, love you're Story, totally sucks there's no ending BUT I WILL WAIT. LIKE. FOREVER. I feel over dramatic right now, but it is purely being passionate stricken by you're Story (not the first time..).
You're Story was worth reading. I love it, love you. Lol, a little straight forward BUT I love you cause you're Story has inspired me, and cause I enjoyed reading it and maybe in a few months. I will read it all again. You also said one in you're Authors Notes (Chapters back) , what we thought you're Personality was like, I thought you sounded passionate, about you're Story and you're Readers, you very close to them. Which is cool. :)
1/15/2014 c11 MusicGurl8129
I like Shauna. I mean I am a little squirmish about her but come on! Devon has loved Neely for 5 YEARS. If he was going to crush on somebody else it would have already of happened... I do not understand though how Devon is acting so 'friendly' with Shauna in front of Neely though, because he is the only one (we know so so far) that knows Neely is Devon's Mystery Girl (other then us, duh) and why would he do that if he was crushing on her ? He wouldn't want her thinking something was going on. So he could either be trying get a reaction out of Neely or Devon and Shauna are just good Friends. BUT, then it raises the question about why doesn't he act like that with Neely (well at least I do...)? The only answer that makes sense to me is that Devon and Neely have always been in that awkward stage with each other. It's complicated. Anyways, I think it would be cool to read about the time Devon and Neely first met! I'm guessing from what Devon said in WHO KNOWS Chapter that they met first when she opened 'the' door for him. I'm guessing that when he was 13-14 he went to Chris's place to hangout, when Neely opened the door for him. It would be cool to see how he acted, following some other times that had enacted between them. But asking for that would be worthless because this was written 9-10 Years ago, unless the Writer is still active on this Website.
ANYWAYS, great Story! I love it. At first I wasn't sure, especially about Devon and Neely together (but even though I wasn't sure about them I wanted them together) but I changed my mind after more of them together. :)
I also root for Gabrielle & Chris! Going to read the next Chapter now! Oh, and about Steven.. he's nice... ... but... I HATE HIM. (total, Chris and Devon freak out right there for yeah...)
I'm guessing he's going to say that he and Neely have been going out and it's going to tear his Heart out in to shreds. So, as much as it pains me, I love Drama. I do. I really do. Drama to me is like Blood to a Vampire, Peanut to Jelly (even though I hate jelly...) and Air to a Human. You can't live with out it. Trying to kills you in the process. Except if you're a Vampire you'll just be a living corpse and I've lived with out jelly... BUT THAT'S BESIDES THE POINT.
I'm just going to read the next Chapter... I'm rambling.
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