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1/15/2014 c4 MusicGurl8129
So far I like Devon, but it's to soon to tell. If he wants her interested in him, he needs to show her a different side of him. Needs to let her get to know that 'Romantic' side of him as well. :)
1/5/2014 c20 Urfavgirl
Plz Finish this story. I'm dying to know Chris' reaction, Shaunas reaction and Stevens reaction to Devon and Neely together. Plzzz plzzz Plzzz!
11/15/2013 c5 Guest
please don't tell me Chris is going to end up with Grabrielle… i don't really like that girl there.
10/22/2013 c20 1Vampluver96
I love this story it should be a book
10/13/2013 c20 SoundOfSight
Um okay see the thing is I'm just freaking out a little bit so ya it would be really epic if you could like just do one more chapter and like give this an ending so um ya that would be really awsome...
10/10/2013 c20 3Alice Nguyen1
U have got to update this story soon. I fell in love with it!
9/24/2013 c19 Dumbledork101
Update! Update! Update! Come on KNE...don't leave me hanging! I need to read the continuation like how a human being needs to breathe in air! TEAM CHRIS ALL THE WAY!
9/15/2013 c20 2rusty-reader998
i just looked at the character's pics on your profile all the characters are just the way i imagined but i think Shauna looks more like Neely and Devon's pic isn't clear enough the rest is aweesoooooooooooome :D :)
9/2/2013 c20 Dominique Diane
Oh my God, please tell me its not true! I was so wrapped up in the story and thought this was the last chapter or something and them BOOM! you write your living this fantastic story on hold! D: God, you broke my heart :)
8/29/2013 c20 GlowinBrite
i cried. :C
i cried so much while reading this. you are such an amazing person. thank you for writing this story and, though i know that you'll probably never read this, thank you for this a/n.
i wish i knew about this story earlier, i wish i could meet you, you seen like one of those people that are so very and genuinely a godsend.
good luck in whatever you do, i wish you the best of success ')
once again, thank you!_
8/23/2013 c2 Umsanalocality
Love the story so far but please pay attention to your grammar. 15percent of enjoyable reading is the technicality not the content. Also please proofread your work or better yet get a beta.
8/6/2013 c5 1RainingPeaches
Aw, I think Chris and Gabrielle are going to get together! (: At least, I hope so because I'm already rooting for them, as well as Neely and Devon! I'm hooked!
7/25/2013 c2 Guest
Soo... Did this Steven Carmichael transfer from overland park who used to be Mackenzie Zales' fucking boyfriend, bitch? Lol this was a complete most popular girls in school reference I feel it
7/21/2013 c20 gabriellle
I am very upset. I wanted to know how did neely and devon end up and did chris finially knew about them and did he win the love of his dreams. Since my is gabby i kinda blushed when i read it...
7/11/2013 c3 RuthEvelyn
Devon is my favorite and I hope he confesses to mystery girl *cough* I think it's Neely *cough*
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