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6/29/2013 c20 KemiChan

... I'm about to cry here.. TTTT
6/25/2013 c20 santahohoho
This is by far the best story i have ever read on fictionpress. The story is VERY creative and unique i it own ways. I admit I'm a bit dissapointed when I read your AN, but I'ill wish you luck as well an hope things goes well in your life.

Perhaps, one day, you will find time and come back to continue this story, so I will wait till then. :)
6/23/2013 c20 c-aa-it143
Omg :'( I feel like crying now since u won't Finnish it :( even tho it wasn't the best written and it dragged a bit I still fell in love with the characters :( I really loved Chris and Gabby and wanted to see how they turned out :( I'm so sad now (lol) I'm gonna go read a happy completed story to cheer me up lol. Thank u for writing this story :)
6/20/2013 c3 1starstar412
I like Devon. He's... Interesting. XD
6/20/2013 c2 starstar412
There's nothing more awkward than that. Poor Devon.
6/20/2013 c3 choice
Vote: Steven
5/29/2013 c20 Shadow
I really loved reading your story! While I'm really sad that it's not being continued I understand. If you ever do continue, well I'll review again then. You're really awesome, I'm going to miss this story. Bye
5/26/2013 c4 Reeloves
Hi. I'm actually very disappointed in this story. It has 4k reviews but is so far not impressing me. The characters are so perfect with no flaws. Neely is such a Mary-Sue! Every single character is too perfect. And the writing is not bad but not written out thoroughly.

Sorry if this is harsh but this is a Review where we critique. Have a nice day!
5/4/2013 c20 Bulababano
Darn... I was thinking of a twist .. like Steven and Neel
4/23/2013 c5 Amazing Fuzzy Llamas
It's a good story so far, but one particular spelling mistake is really getting on my nerves. 'Hot' is spelt h-o-t, not h-o-t-t. Thanks!
4/10/2013 c20 2TotallyA
I read this story a really really long time ago... At least, I thought I did. I recalled it being complete though... Sorry, random rambling. I don't know if you still get the alerts from this website anymore or whatever, but I thought I'd drop a review anyway.

I really enjoy this story. The characters are all pretty awesome, although a bit more of a back story on some of then would've been nice. The grammar's also not atrocious, especially compared to hundreds of other stories that are out but going back and getting it edited would be nice. I love the plot it's so cliche but at the same time... There's something really neat about Neely and Chris' relationship, or lack of one.

I would love it if you decided to continue this story. I'm dying to know how Chris'll react when he finds out about them and how the dance ends up going. Plus, there's something awesome about finishing a really great book and a nonending totally kills that! It makes you a little desperate to find something to replace the fact that there's no ending. Which is what I'm going to have to do now at 2:31 AM.

4/1/2013 c20 17Minkaos
I really enjoyed reading your story so far. For some reason, Neely and Shane together are hilarious. I really do hope to someday read the conclusion to your story.
3/27/2013 c13 PinkPastaPianoGal
Awww! It's so sad and sweet! I literally am crying! I just started fictionpress and your story is epic. You are doing so good!
3/27/2013 c20 1IBelieveYou
aww I was really hoping for you too post more chapters!
3/19/2013 c19 Hop3lesS-Romantic-GirL
Soooooo in love with your story! Please update soon hun :))
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