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for Frozen Tears

8/21/2004 c1 26SILVA-eR
Aw Man.. wowuh... if i say dis is good... uhm.. haha what did u say in this? .. will u not think i mean it? Man... vry descriptive.. cant cry? , and u want to cry rights? R u sure, ur letting dem falls? U sure, ur not holding dem back without nowing? uhm yeah.. anywho..
Deres lotta ppl like this.. dont fel like ur duh only one.. lota ppl are ya... and wowuh... ive been tryin to figure these stuff out too.. man.. lost.. haha.. ya... im lost too.. but ya... im still searching..hahaha im in duh eye of a tornado mwahahhaha, but ill git out somehow :-D anywho.. from dis.. i see ur a realli tight writer.. and believe it dude.. man gotta boost dat self esteem up...
u draw too huh? tight.. any music? wellp.. anywho.. keep writing... if u cant let duh tears out, let duh words out haha..
okay.. im gone now haha...
P. the S. (whuts dat stand for anyway?) oh ya.. and forgive maybe? try to let go of dat past? and that heavy feeling inside you would feel lighter? ...
8/21/2004 c1 17Lamentist
Good, it was kool. Im guesing you wrote this when you were sad or just wanted to seem like it. But its good either way, **hands a cookie to writer**

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