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for some contamination

9/2/2004 c1 ElysianFields
So simplistic in what it expresses, your poem somehow manages to represent a little bit of everyone.
8/24/2004 c1 8Bel0ved F00l
Oh you asked me to read and now im glad i did hehe ^^
I really like the ideas in this poem! Especially the bit about the hiking boots and the river, because it makes it very specific and personal, and then very metaphorical again. And im totally in love with the "your eyes, so often shut, should not suggest you speak of things you cannot see" It totally catches my imagination hehe.
Great! Im glad your not another mediocre writer hehe. Aii i could go on forever about the things i love, so there ya go! I will read some of your other stuff now ^^
8/23/2004 c1 zt
I love the beginning. Liked the way you
compared rivers to veins and such, very
very nice :)
p.s. thanks for reviewing my shit. you actually understood it!
8/22/2004 c1 25Kethry Jonas
o. Harsh. Very harsh. But musical. ^.^ I likey.
8/22/2004 c1 22Big City Target
I really liked this one, you have a unique style.
And about the review you left me: Ack! I had no idea it was the name of an album. I'll change that, thanks for the heads-up!
Keep writing, as always!

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