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for The Greenhouse is a Cage

6/15/2006 c3 15Lovetress
kep writing please!
6/15/2006 c2 Lovetress
omg are the enemies plants? that would be terrifying! This story was pretty good so far, one suggestion i have is to give more descriptions of the creatures outter space. At one point you mentioned spinze, and i have no idea what those are or what they look like. If you could elaborate, that would be awesome.
6/15/2006 c1 Lovetress
...man. this is incredibly frightening. but so suspenseful at the same time. I cant wait to find out who the enemy is.
6/3/2006 c3 1GlobalAGoGo
Wow. Pretty cool story so far. This is literally the first time I've been to the sci-fi section in ages and it's gotten way better. The monster thingies underground sound scary, kind of remind me of the HG Wells alien monsters in War Of The Worlds and the Matrix human battery tanks? Interesting to see how this will play out. You made a few spelling mistakes, but hey, you're human. Also slightly Star Wars with the nonsensical alien words. But that's a few different stories I guess.

1/16/2005 c2 monkey
Man... i really wanna know who the "enemy is"! write more so i can find out! please.
9/16/2004 c2 3Ginny Lopez
No! What's the enemy! So close yet...so far! lol Chapter was, if possible, better than the last! I like! I update soon!
9/14/2004 c2 43SumiFritzN
Neato. Are the plants the invaders? Curious. I was wondering what the space people look like. Are they like humans only better, or are they like those weird space aliens you see on cartoons all the time? Good job.
9/2/2004 c2 5Eagle Seance
glad to find chapter two! Now i'm wondering what they'll do if/when they get to Earth. How will they interact? Keep writing!
8/31/2004 c2 11Lirra
This is really interesting. One thing though, you made someone fall asleep twice, and while they were asleep something happened. Its okay here and there, but to close together and you start to wonder about all these sleepy people. :) Good job though. I look forward to reading more.
8/23/2004 c1 10Jonathan Garrett
An interesting opening. Keep more of the same coming!
I believe I've figured out who the "enemy" is, but I won't say in case others haven't yet.
8/23/2004 c1 3Ginny Lopez
Okay! You got me hooked! Write more this instant! I love the beginning it got me really interested in what exactly is the "enemy". Hurry, waiting readers like me want to know!
8/23/2004 c1 5Eagle Seance
sounds interesting. i love stories like this one- the whole 'what if another species conquers us' thing. An excellent first chapter, lellida. Keep writing!

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