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9/1/2004 c1 3blank canvas
very emotional. it is very true that friends can very quickly become like "vipers", but it also gives us a reminder to see if WE have changed, or OUR FRIENDS have changed. awesome job
8/29/2004 c1 5Selki
Kinda ture huh? It shows how the ones you trust the most can turn on you.
8/24/2004 c1 1Nina Cross Knyght
im sorry...but this cant be true...
8/24/2004 c1 29Aeritone
I took your suggestion at the top and I read it out loud...wow...it sounds a little scarier when it's being read aloud. Very good work...I think my favourite set of lines is 'Twisted forked tongues that once dripped with honey'...I loved that. Keep writing, and I'll keep reviewing!

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