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for The Secrets of Fangora

Another good chapter! Onto number four...
The paragraphs are a little short, but I've discovered that you have about twenty or ten or however many stories to write, so that explains it. I like this story so far! Let's see what chapter three holds, then. :D
A good story...but the first chapter seems a little short for my taste...regardless, this is worth reading, onto chapter two! XD

By the way, if it's not to much trouble and you like Sci-Fi stories, could you read Project: Black Feenix? Hate to seem like I'm begging, but I don't get many reviews :( *chuckle* Anyway, as I said, to the second chapter! *insert trumpet fanfare*
10/24/2004 c3 3minya-13
hey Alareic can i have ur email address
i like ur storied there awesome and if i got hold of u i could tell u this book i think u would be really interested in actually its a trilly with tillies in it lol but its like what u write
may the darkness embrace you
10/7/2004 c3 12SkyeWolf25
I can hear echoes of TTD and CA in this chapter. Seems to me your assembling another team like those in the stories before, but hey, I LIKE IT. Anyway, awesome chapter.
10/7/2004 c2 SkyeWolf25
Hey, for someone who is writting his first fantasy flick, your not doing to bad. This is rolling and I can't wait to see where you go with it. Chao for now, I don't know when I'll get a chance to review again, so cheers for now, things on this site seem to be working for the moment so I am enjoying the moment. Catch ya later.
9/24/2004 c1 SkyeWolf25
Looks good, Alareic! Sorry about the long lag time, CK takes a lot of time and concentration. Anyway, watch out, there is going to be a new one coming down the pipe of both CK and a new one I have been working on. I'll give you a hint, be ready for the fall of the world and the arrival of angels. . .
9/20/2004 c6 11Misoshiru
heya good chapter. howzit u havent been online in ages! its actually holidays now so you would prolly be doing homework. are you! u betta b! i have lots of homework to do over the holidays but i cba doing it. naughty me i betta get on to doing it now so ill cya later!
9/19/2004 c6 31Shadow Gryphon
I think we can all agree with the homework sentiment. Wonderful chapter, and do update soon. Just one question, though. What is the Change?
9/19/2004 c6 404358034958034
Yazoo! That means good job! This is getting very interesting. They shouldn't give us so much work to do. It just creates more work for them! Stupid homework!
9/19/2004 c6 11Wolfie Star26
Well this was awesome, only what did the girl and her father say to each other, after she said she must go. please update soon. Hope you can find time between school and homework to update.
9/19/2004 c6 3JonPon
Yay! It's starting to come together! I love this story! Great job and oh yeh i understand about the homework thing, i have to suspend my story temporarilly bc of it. *sigh*
9/10/2004 c5 JonPon
Hey again! Love the new chapter! Thought I'd tell you about me since I'll be reviewing you pretty often cause i love your stories. I might want to become an author, but i can also see myself as a song writer or as a music teacher of sorts. Hm so many things to do, such a short life span, right? Oh yay! I got a part in the chorus at my school's play!
9/10/2004 c5 Marie Silver
Sorry it's taken so long to update, but anyways, nice chapter and I like the end. Can't wait to read more so update quickly!
9/9/2004 c5 31Shadow Gryphon
Yay! Good chapter! I hope that Cillian gets peace. I mean really, warring societies are bad. Very bad. I mean, 1942 French/German relationship bad.
I tried to send you the codes in my review for CA, but they disappeared... *sigh* Send me an e-amil, and I'll send them to you like that, ok?
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