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for The Secrets of Fangora

9/9/2004 c5 11Wolfie Star26
yea, well when ur 17, u'll be able to, though the only bad stuff in that movie is the blood, other then that, its cool. wonderful chapter, my arm hurts so, that was the review, hort and sweet. update soon.
9/9/2004 c5 404358034958034
I think you should. If I can ever stop procrastinating and get to it then maybe I can publish one of my stories. That Sirus is one crazy dude. Hearing voices and seeing fairies...Madness!
9/5/2004 c4 11Misoshiru
good good. not much happened but i still like it. update soon yea!
9/4/2004 c4 Marie Silver
Good chapter - especially liked the letter to Sirus, I thought it was well written.
9/3/2004 c4 404358034958034
I think you'd make a great teacher! I want to be an author (obviously) and a graphic designer, like for videogames and movies.
9/2/2004 c4 31Shadow Gryphon
... I'm wondering more aobut the idea of them agreeing to work with the humans. The humans would probably need some pretty convincing arguments to get that to happen, like what Sirus is suggesting.
You're welcome for reviewing; it was my pleasure. It's a very good story, after all. And Fate and Fire was just updated! Yay!
^_^ Gryph
9/2/2004 c4 3JonPon
Wow you wanna be a teacher? i might become a music instructor or something in art. So what kind of teacher would you be? Oh i might be putting Crystal Lilith on hold for a week or two bc school is hectic and this month is busy. I'll update soon!
9/2/2004 c4 11Wolfie Star26
well, since u promised, i'll continue to read. j/k, i would have read it anyway. please update soon, this was ana wesome chapter and that king Sirus , is well crazy, if he gives them the sword all hell with rrain loose, im guessing, but thats what usually happens. Have you seen the movie underworld? well if you haven't you should, its between lycins (werewolfs) and vampires. update soon.
9/2/2004 c3 31Shadow Gryphon
Very good. All the groups together. But I'm not srue fi the rest of the races would want to co-operate... might be interesting to see how they react, eh?
9/2/2004 c2 Shadow Gryphon
I liked it. Gosds night and Heaven's Sake. Cool.
But it does seem a little rude for thse people to assume that because omeone's avenging themselves, they can go and continue to destroy them. It seems vry wrong.
9/2/2004 c1 Shadow Gryphon
Uh-oh, humans in trouble. They do have a remarkable tendancy to do that. Well, lets see what happens. Personally, I'm a little symaothetic to the werewolves and vampires.
8/28/2004 c3 404358034958034
Thanks for the recomendation! I seriously need to update more. If I applied myself... wow I just sounded like a teacher. Eh. This story is getting better as it goes.
8/28/2004 c3 3JonPon
Wow! Yet another awesome chapter! I wonder, how many kings are there in Ivan City? Hey i have an idea! Maybe after you finish this story you could write another one related to this one about the past! I dunno just a suggestion! You're doing great! By the way, Crystal Lilith is updated and so are my poems!
8/27/2004 c3 11Wolfie Star26
i should never doubt you. i was thinking there would be no females in this, but i gues i was wrong. anyway, i cant wait to see what happenes and that ranger seems to be like Strider, on strider only killed if he had to. I'm talking LOTR, cuz this sorta reminds me of LOTR. update soon.
8/27/2004 c3 Marie Silver
Yay, another great chapter. Glad you updated and can't wait for the next :)
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